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If you go onto someone else’s land, you assume some amount of risk that a hazard could lead to you sustaining an injury. If you can prove that a property owner was negligent in addressing such a hazard, you could hold them financially accountable for every form of harm you experienced.

Property accident cases are uniquely complex in a number of ways, which our Tampa premises liability lawyers could explain in detail during an initial meeting. A tenacious personal injury attorney who delivers real results could lend their experience towards building the strongest possible claim for your unique situation. At our firm, the end goal is always obtaining fair financial recovery for every one of your injuries and losses, even if that means paying for your recovery out of our pockets.

When are Tampa Property Owners Liable for Injuries?

Premises owners and managers can only be held legally liable for accidents on their land if you can show they were negligent in some way. This specifically entails showing that the defendant owed a particular duty of care to you, that they subsequently breached their duty, and that misconduct was the direct cause of the accident.


Landowners owe the most substantial duty of care to invitees. These people are invited onto the property in question for the owner’s financial benefits. If a landowner fails to warn an invitee of all known hazards and regularly inspect their premises to ensure it is in safe condition, they may bear civil liability for any harm that invitee suffers directly due to their irresponsible care for their land.


Conversely, property owners only owe a duty to warn licensees of known hazards without an attached obligation to exercise ordinary care in inspecting and maintaining their property. Licensees are lawful visitors who are on another person’s land for their own purposes.


Landowners generally have no duty whatsoever to protect trespassers from hazards on their premises. Trespassers enter someone’s premises without the owner or manager’s permission. In rare cases, there are exceptions to this standard, such as if a child is the one trespassing. A property liability attorney in Tampa could explain further about these categories in your unique case.

Recovering Comprehensively for Available Damages

Just like anyone who causes an accident through negligence, a premises owner found liable for your injuries could be held accountable for all economic and non-economic losses. Importantly, a comprehensive case can demand restitution for both past and future damages, including:

As per Florida Statutes §95.11(3), you usually have four years at most after first sustaining injury to file suit, regardless of how long-lasting their ensuing losses will be. To ensure you do not miss this short deadline for filing a claim, retain one of our compassionate attorneys in Tampa who get real results out of premises injury cases.

Contact a Tampa Premises Liability Attorney Today

Accidents on property owned by other people can make for complicated civil claims, especially if the extent of liability is unclear. If you want a chance at a positive result from a case like this, seeking assistance from our qualified legal counsel is a virtual necessity. Our knowledgeable Tampa premises liability lawyers could be your tireless advocates and allies from start to finish of your claim. Call our office today to schedule a consultation.