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“I had an amazing experience here. Team treated me like family. They made an effort to get to know my situation and were honest and helpful with my case. Could not be happier with my results and nightly recommend.”

- Alex W.

“Mickey and his team were utmost professionals when it came to handling my case. They were very clear and concise about steps throughout the whole process, and were always there whenever I need my questions addressed. They are meticulous in the way they approach cases and take all scenarios into detailed consideration. Mickey has a client first policy, and I believe that’s one of the key elements when working through injury case clients.”

- Ali El S.

“Mickey was recommended to me by a family member and I’m glad they did because he and his staff were knowledgeable and efficient in handling my case. I was very pleased with the way he and his staff kept me up to date and always got back to me in a timely manner if I had questions. Again, I would recommend Mickey and anyone who does should feel confident in their decision.”

- Charles H.

“Mickey Keenan is a law firm I would highly recommend! He is honest and carried my case with integrity. Integrity creates trust and reliability, and now that my case is closed I can say all those were present through and through. If you want a lawyer that’s an advocate for you, and genuinely cares about your best interest, this is Mickey Keenan.”

- Cheryl G.

“The attorneys and support staff are genuinely concerned about your case and overall well-being. They communicate thoroughly and professionally. I am very satisfied with the outcome of my case.”

- Cindy D

“Mickey Keenan and his team fought hard for my interests, helping me get the most fair compensation for my case. And his firm is just the right size, making the client feel like they receive the most personalized attention. I highly recommend his law office.”

- Claudia A.

“Mickey and his team helped me through everything I could possibly need with my case. They called regularly to check on me and my well being, and if there was any issues no matter how big or small it was taken care of quickly. All my needs were met and I couldn’t be happier with the results. If he says he’s gonna do it, I promise you it’ll get done. They really do go above and beyond, as a client that’s more than I could ask for. If you need someone with the experience and know how, then Mr. Keenan and his team are the ones for you. You will not be disappointed whatsoever.”

- Debo C.

“Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Mr.Keenan is the most caring & compassionate attorney we’ve ever worked with. He was recommended over a year ago from a good friend of ours that used him previously. Sure enough just as they explained Mickey & his team went above and beyond to handle our case in every way possible. We were never left with a question unanswered. Mr. Keenan is hands down the best attorney for personal injury. He knew every legality and some. He is so knowledgeable and fights for EVERYTHING you are entitled to. I knew from my 1st consultation that he was the one who will be handling our very important case for us and I was NOT disappointed with the outcome. I thank Mickey Keenan and Alan for all you have done for our family. You truly are the BEST!! We appreciate you.”

- Julianne N.

“Mickey was extremely helpful. I had been fighting with a large corporation for almost a year, after contacting Mickey he was able to get the issue resolved, and my full refund. He took the time to work with my busy schedule and call me on the weekend to get the issues resolved. I was very grateful for Mickey and his team.”

- Kris S.

“I would highly recommend Mickey and his team for anyone needing an honest, kind, professional lawyer. He has handled two accident cases, one involving both my wife and I and the other one for just me. Both times he has gone above and beyond to see that all of our needs were met and fought hard to get us the max amount to cover all the damage. He has always exceeded our expectations. I have referred people to him and will continue to whenever someone I know needs a great lawyer!”

- Kye D.

” Omar, of Mickey Keenan’s team, was an outstanding and amazing individual. He went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of all throughout the process of my suit. He kept me informed on a weekly if not daily basis on the progress of my case. He also sent text messages to me while I was working from home to make sure I was okay. The process was easy and never strenuous and I am so thankful for Omar and Mickey Keenan’s office. I would definitely recommend them in all shapes, forms, and fashions. Thank you!! “

- Leah C.

“Mickey Keenan & his colleagues are consummate professionals that genuinely care about their clients. Excellent communication and service from beginning to end. I will definitely recommend him to everyone I know. Thank you!”

- Majdi S.

“Mickey is EXCELLENT! I chose Mickey over the bigger TV advertised firms due to his continued 5 star rating reviews written by actual clients. For me, this spoke volumes in itself. No commercials are needed to build up his worth. He is compassionate, understanding and educated in knowing that even a soft tissue injury or a ruptured disc, which insurance companies claim as “no big deal or nothing” can cause continuous pain and discomfort for a very long time. Mickey kept me informed, updated and checked in on me throughout the entire process. He answered all my questions with extreme patience. He is honest and tells you exactly what to expect. I feel he treated my small case with the same level of importance and integrity as he would a big case. Thank you so much Mickey for fighting so hard to get me the settlement I deserved.”

- Mary L.

“Mickey and staff were always kind and helpful they made taking difficult situation so easy. I was happy to leave the issue in their expert hands knowing they were working g for MY best outcome, not their bottom line.”

- Patience S.

“Mickey Keenan and his office were phenomenal during the process of this accident. While checking in, they all seemed generally concerned with my progress and how I was doing. I will honestly recommend them to anyone who is looking for representation. The entire team is transparent, reliable, and efficient. Thank you!”

- Peigelyn D.

“My favorite thing about working with Mickey was the peace of mind he gave me. This was a scary experience, but every time something unexpected came up he would tell me exactly what needed to happen, that he would resolve it (which he always did), and not to worry- focus on my recovery; while he took care of everything else. I’m absolutely blown away at the ‘white glove’ treatment I got, especially being such a small case.”

- Samantha R.

“Very pleased with all staff members including the Attorneys, assistants and support staff. Mickey and his team worked diligently to uncover evidence in my case. I always felt my case was not necessarily about win or lose but proper representation in a situation where I was badly hurt. The staff and attorneys kept me informed throughout the case. If you are looking for honest, fair and diligent representation I would recommend contacting Mickey Keenan. Should the need arise in the future I would not hesitate to contact Mickey again.”

- Steven C.

“Excellent experience dealing with Mickey’s team. They helped me settle my case super fast and easily. Omar and Hannah were especially helpful. They would definitely be my first call if I ever get into another sticky situation.”

- Zayne A.