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Riding a motorcycle offers an unparalleled sense of freedom and makes economic sense for many people. However, traveling by motorbike can be extremely dangerous because of their small size and lack of safety features. The law says that all other travelers must treat riders with respect and give them the same protection as every other person.

Sadly, due to either ignorance of these laws or simple carelessness, collisions between motorcycles and other motor vehicles are common. If those crashes were the fault of another driver’s negligence, you have the right to seek out compensation for your losses with the help of our personal injury attorneys.

One of our Tampa motorcycle accident lawyers will help you to collect those payments. They take the lead in investigating the incident, measuring your losses, proving that another driver was at fault, and demanding fair compensation through insurance settlements and civil lawsuits.

Why Motorcycle Accidents Happen in Tampa

Motorcyclists are seven times more likely to get killed in motorcycle vs. motor vehicle collision than motor vehicle occupants, mainly due to the fact that motorcycles do not have the same level of protection that other motor vehicles have. Motorcycle crashes can happen for various reasons, including the following:

Drivers Failing to See Motorcyclists

This is the top cause of motorcycle accidents. In many motor vehicle vs. motorcycl{:target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”}e crashes, the view of motorcyclists was obstructed by vehicles or restricted by glare. In addition, approximately 70% of motorcycle crashes happen at intersections because of other motorists failing to notice the motorcyclists.

Because motorcycles are smaller, drivers often miscalculate the speed at which a motorcyclist is moving and travel into their paths, resulting in a crash. This can likewise occur on highways when stopping at a red light or changing lanes. Tailgating also raises the risk of multi-vehicle crashes and motorcyclists getting ejected from their bikes, particularly when the crash involves abrupt stops or lane changes.

Defective Motorcycles and Motorcycle Components

Sometimes, motorcycle crashes occur because of a defect in the motorcycle itself or its component. From the brakes and tires, a defective motorcycle can adversely impact a motorcyclist’s ability to operate their motorcycle, increasing their risk of getting into a crash.

Left Turns

Based on a recent report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), roughly 40% of deadly motorcycle collisions happened when other drivers were turning left while the motorcyclists were passing, overtaking other vehicles, or moving straight. Left-turning drivers usually hit passing or oncoming motorcyclists in intersections. Left-turn crashes usually happen due to speeding, poor visibility, and distracted driving.

The right-of-way rules for left turns are very clear. Mainly, left-turning drivers must yield to other vehicles. This means that a left-turning driver who hit a motorcyclist will almost always be at fault for the crash.

Inclement Weather Conditions

All drivers are legally required to always exercise proper caution while on the road and should ideally be capable of avoiding crashes by driving defensively. The same goes for motorcyclists. However, accidents due to uncontrollable factors can and do happen. Inclement weather conditions can include sudden downpours, flooding, fog, and intense sunlight. Unlike other motor vehicles, motorcycles are more sensitive and exposed to different weather conditions, making them more vulnerable to accidents.

Dangerous Roadways and Road Hazards

Motorcycle crashes that occur due to uneven lanes, potholes, objects left on the road, unusually slippery roadways, and other road hazards are more serious than when a passenger car or truck gets into the same accident with the same variables because of their smaller size and lighter weight. In such accidents, the city, county, local, or state government agency can be held liable for the motorcyclist’s injuries and related losses.

Regardless of what caused the motorcycle crash that left you injured, the Tampa motorcycle accident lawyer at Mickey Keenan, PA, can help you prove fault for the crash and figure out who you can hold liable for injuries and damages.

Demonstrating Fault after a Tampa Motorbike Wreck

It can be surprisingly difficult to show that another driver was to blame for an incident involving a motorcycle. While bikers enjoy the same protections under the law as other motorists, this also means that they have a duty to follow the rules of the road and act responsibly around other travelers.

Being able to show that another party was to blame for your incident is especially important when considering the state’s law concerning comparative negligence. Under Florida Statutes § 768.81, defendants can argue that you were responsible for some or all of the factors that led to the collision. If a court believes this argument, it will reduce your award by your percentage of fault.

A motorbike injury attorney in Tampa can help to gather the evidence needed to show that another driver was at-fault for the crash. This could include:

Our skilled lawyers use this information to build solid demands for compensation from defendant drivers and their insurance companies.

Compensation in Motorcycle Collision Cases

It is no secret that motorcycle crash can result in severe physical injuries. Simply falling from a motorbike can result in broken bones, separated joints, and concussions. However, collisions at higher speeds may result in road rash burns, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, or even brain damage.

The fact that you were on a motorcycle is irrelevant if attempting to place blame on another driver for the damage that they caused. A Tampa attorney can help to collect full compensation for the costs of all needed medical care after a motorcycle crash.

Economic and Non-Economic Damages

In addition, these incidents can impact your life in many other ways. Your physical injuries could cause you significant pain and suffering. You may also experience nightmares, flashbacks, and other forms of emotional trauma. Our legal team will help to connect these experiences to the event and place a dollar value on them.

Finally, you may find that you are unable to return to work after the accident. Others may endure an injury that permanently limits their ability to earn a living. Here, an accomplished attorney can demand that insurance companies and drivers provide reimbursement for these lost wages.

Contact a Tampa Motorcycle Accident Attorney Today

Traffic accidents that occur while riding your motorcycle are traumatic events. They can affect not only your physical health but also your ability to return to work or enjoy life. Any driver who causes a wreck must provide compensation for your losses. However, you bear the burden of proving this fault.

A Tampa motorcycle accident lawyer might be able to help you. They can take every necessary step to investigate the accident, measure your losses, and place blame on negligent drivers and their insurance companies. Reach out to our team today to learn how we might be able to help you.