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The makers of consumer products in Tampa and elsewhere in the state have a legal obligation to produce items that are safe for their intended use. Medications, whether they be over-the-counter or prescription substances, are no exception. Drugmakers must adequately warn users about possible risks, provide instructions for safe use, and ensure that their design and manufacturing processes proceed without errors.

Sadly, failures in these obligations are common. Unsafe drugs can cause various health problems that impact your physical health and overall quality of life. A Tampa dangerous drugs lawyer may be able to help you to pursue the compensation that you deserve after these injuries. The dedicated attorneys at our firm fight to hold drug companies responsible for their unsafe products and demand the payments you need to set things right.

Many people rely on medications for their daily needs. These range from simple pain relievers to chemotherapy infusions and other intensive medications. Patients have a right to expect that those medications will be safe for their intended use.

In fact, the makers of drugs have an obligation under the law to fulfill this duty. Failures resulting in injuries may mean that a manufacturer is liable for all damages.

Design Defects

One way to prove this liability is to show that a design defect resulted in an unsafe drug. Here, a case alleges that an error in the drug’s chemical composition resulted in an inherently dangerous product.

Manufacturing Errors

Another option is to show that an error during manufacturing resulted in an unsafe product. In these cases, a Tampa attorney could work to investigate how a drug differed from its intended design and show that a maker’s error was the source of your injuries.

Possible Compensation in a Tampa Dangerous Drugs Case

Generally, makers of dangerous drugs must provide compensation to cover the full extent of a victim’s injuries. However, obtaining these payments is rarely easy. A drug maker may allege that a patient improperly used a medication. They may also state that their instructions for proper use were sufficiently clear. Each of these arguments could result in a court using the concept of pure comparative fault under Florida Statute § 768.81 to determine fault for a dangerous drug injury.

When seeking compensation after an injury, it is vital to accurately measure one’s losses. This is another way a Tampa dangerous drugs lawyer could provide crucial assistance. Compensable losses may include:

Our local dangerous medication lawyers aim to pursue every case for its full and fair value.

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Medications may be unsafe for consumer use for a variety of reasons. They may have defects in their design that make them inherently unsafe. An error during the manufacturing process or a lack of proper labeling could also make a product dangerous for use.

Any of these reasons may justify a lawsuit that demands fair compensation for the full extent of your losses. A Tampa dangerous drugs lawyer is ready to listen to your story, investigate your case, and demand that the at-fault parties provide the compensation you need to set things right. Contact our legal team now to discuss your situation.