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Riding a bicycle in the Tampa area comes with many benefits. It can be an excellent form of exercise, it saves money over driving a car, and can even be a way to unwind after a long day at work. However, riding on public roads and streets leaves you vulnerable to the poor decisions of others. Far too often, these choices result in collisions that leave you with serious injuries. Tampa is notorious for not being a bicycle-friendly state, and when you’ve been hit by a car or other vehicle, we’re here to help you get appropriately compensated.

If another person was responsible for a crash that resulted in your injuries, you deserve the right to collect compensation for your losses with the aid of a dedicated injury attorney. A Tampa bicycle accident lawyer is prepared to prove fault for a collision, measure how that event has changed your life, and demand that negligent drivers and their insurance companies provide the payments that will set things right.

The Obligation to Protect Bike Riders

Any person who gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle on a public road assumes a duty of care. This duty says that they must take all appropriate actions to protect those around them. As a result, drivers must obey all local traffic laws, as well as drive in an overall cautious manner to reduce the risk to others. This obligation extends not just to other drivers, but to everyone that a driver may encounter, even bike riders.

Because of this, evaluating collisions between bicyclists and drivers is similar to that of a crash between two motor vehicles. This includes identifying fault for the incident by examining the actions of all involved parties. Florida Statute § 768.81 says that courts must assign blame for a crash based upon a person’s actions. If a court assigns a percentage fault to a bike rider, their ultimate award of damages may be reduced by that percentage.

A Tampa bicyclist accident lawyer looks to prove that a driver was entirely to blame for a crash. This can involve obtaining a police report, talking with witnesses, evaluating dashcam footage, and even working to commission accident reconstruction reports. Our aim is always to place full responsibility for a crash on a negligent driver.

Seeking Full Compensation for Injured Bicyclists

Proving fault for a collision is only one part of a successful case after a bike crash. It is just as crucial to be able to show how that event has impacted you and demand that at-fault drivers and their insurance companies provide appropriate compensation. In short, a driver who causes an accident must provide compensation to cover the full extent of your losses. These can include:

Driver negligence is the primary cause of bicycle accidents, and bills from the accident can quickly amount to a very large burden. When the driver was negligent, that burden shouldn’t fall on you or your insurance company. The goal of a Tampa bike accident lawyer is to obtain these payments on your behalf, often by demanding fair payments through insurance settlements or seeking appropriate compensation through civil lawsuits. We are prepared to take every needed step to show that another party’s negligence was the source of your losses.

Consult with a Tampa Bicycle Accident Attorney for Guidance

Collisions between bike riders and motor vehicles can result in life-changing injuries. Not only could these incidents force you to seek out extensive and costly medical treatment, but they could also devastate your overall quality of life and ability to support yourself. To collect the compensation that you need to set things right, you will need to show that it was another driver’s negligence that led to the collision.

A Tampa bicycle accident lawyer gets results. Not only could we gather evidence that proves fault for an accident, but we construct a solid case for how these injuries have altered your life. There is a limited time under state law to pursue a case, so reach out to a Tampa bike accident lawyer now to get started.