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In today’s society, consumer products are made of multiple components and shipped thousands of miles to their final destination. If any step in this long and laborious process goes awry, the end result could be an inherently dangerous item that causes serious harm to someone.

If you were hurt because a manufacturer or retailer did not fulfill their duty to provide you a reasonably safe product, you may have grounds for a civil claim. One of our personal injury attorneys could help you pursue a claim to recover compensation for your losses. By retaining a knowledgeable Tampa product liability lawyer, you could improve your odds of receiving compensation despite any legal obstacles that might occur.

Grounds for a Strict Liability Defective Purchase Claim

In many situations, it is possible to hold a manufacturer strictly liable for physical harm that their product causes you to sustain. If a manufacturer allowed an item to leave their control with a defect that made it unreasonably dangerous, even when used properly, you could legally pursue compensation.

There are three types of defects that may justify a product liability based on this particular principle: design, manufacturing, and marketing flaws. Our Tampa attorneys are ready to help you further understand these types of purchase defects to help you confidently pursue your claim.

Design Errors

An item may have a defective design, meaning the manufacturer intentionally and successfully created a product in a particular form which was inherently flawed and dangerous. Design flaws can affect an entire product line.

Manufacturing Flaws

An item may have a manufacturing defect, meaning it was designed to be safe but some mistake during its manufacture or assembly made it unsafe. This type of error could affect only a handful of items in a specific assembly line.

Marketing Defects

A product liability claim may be based on a marketing defect, which entails a failure by the manufacturer to include appropriate instructions in an item’s packaging for how to use it safely. This type of defect could affect anywhere between one and all of the products distributed at a specific store.

What Damages are Recoverable in Tampa Product Injury Cases?

A comprehensive merchandise liability claim may demand compensation for every economic and non-economic loss you suffer due to the injuries a defective purchase caused. This includes past losses and future losses. Specific damages that often come up in cases of this nature include:

A dangerous products attorney in Tampa could clarify what a particular case’s value might be over the course of a private initial meeting.

Call Now to Work with a Tampa Product Liability Attorney

Merchandise liability law works similarly to traditional personal injury law. Without representation from our qualified legal team, you may have slim odds of getting any compensation for your injuries at all, let alone the amount you need to account for all damages. Contacting a Tampa product liability lawyer is often a key first step towards a successful case resolution. Call our office today to get started.