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Collisions that involve buses and other motor vehicles can have serious consequences. Buses are massive vehicles that significantly outweigh cars and other passenger vehicles. As a result, crashes can result in life-altering injuries that impact your physical health and your ability to enjoy life and earn a living.

Whether you suffered injuries as a bus rider or a driver or passenger in another vehicle, you deserve compensation for the harm caused by reckless bus drivers and their employers. A Tampa bus accident lawyer is ready to act on your behalf and hold at-fault bus operators responsible for their actions. The dedicated attorneys at our firm work to protect your legal rights during talks with insurance companies and could take your case to court if necessary.

Proving Liability for a Bus Accident

Bus drivers have an absolute duty to protect everyone else on the road. This includes other drivers, pedestrians, people on bikes, and passengers on the bus.

To collect compensation for one’s losses after a collision, it is necessary to show that a bus driver was responsible for a crash.

Traffic Violations by Bus Operators

The most direct way to accomplish this is to show that a driver committed a traffic violation in the moments before the collision. This can include:

A skilled attorney could research whether a bus driver received a ticket for a moving violation related to the Tampa accident and if that ticket resulted in a conviction in traffic court.

Careless Bus Drivers

It is also possible to prove fault due to a driver’s simple carelessness. This may result from fatigue, a distraction from a dispatcher’s radio call, or a lack of proper precautions during poor weather. These failures are a strong indicator of driver fault for a collision. Our Tampa bus accident attorneys work to collect evidence of liability and craft comprehensive demand packages on behalf of injured clients.

Seeking Full Compensation for a Bus Crash in Tampa

A bus accident can impact your life in many ways. The most obvious is the physical damage that often results from these collisions. Bus crash injuries can require emergency room care, invasive surgeries, and extensive rehabilitation. An at-fault bus driver and their employer must provide compensation for all necessary medical care related to these injuries.

Bus crashes can affect your life in other ways as well. The injury may result in an inability to return to work due to a temporary disability or a permanent loss of work capacity. In addition, these events may place significant strain on your life due to pain, suffering, or emotional trauma. Our local bus accident lawyers work to show how a collision has impacted your life and demands that liable parties provide all needed payments.

At the same time, we keep the state’s statute of limitations in mind when pursuing compensation. Florida Statute § 95.11 gives people no more than four years from the date of the crash to demand these payments. Talking with a bus collision lawyer now gives us the best opportunity to provide assistance.

Reach Out to a Tampa Bus Accident Attorney Immediately

The law never presumes fault for a traffic accident, and bus drivers and their employers may attempt to deny liability for a crash or even shift blame onto you. This could prevent you from collecting the compensation needed to cover your medical expenses or lost income.

A Tampa bus accident lawyer is dedicated to helping you to collect these payments. We could work to prove a bus driver’s blame for a collision and show how the event has impacted your past and future. Give us a call now to learn more about how we are ready to fight for you.