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Motorcyclists enjoy full protection under the law. This includes the right to respect while on the road and the ability to demand compensation from at-fault drivers in the event of an accident. Injured bikers deserve full payments for their losses despite the riskiness of motorcycling.

Nevertheless, obtaining proper payments can still be difficult. You still bear the burden of showing fault for a collision and demonstrating how the event has changed your life. A Largo motorcycle accident lawyer is prepared to take the lead in this process. Our skilled personal injury attorneys deliver results. We work to pursue your case for its full value while you focus on making your best recovery.

Possible Effects of Motorcycle Crashes

Any collision or accident involving a motorcycle can result in severe losses. This is because a rider has little protection from contact with another vehicle or the pavement. Even a rider who wears a helmet or other protective gear is at risk of suffering life-altering injuries in any accident.

The outcome of these accidents can justify a demand for compensation. A driver at fault for a crash must cover the full extent of a biker’s losses. The core of this demand is the medical bills associated with physical injuries. These often include:

However, most riders’ losses extend far beyond those that result from physical injuries. A comprehensive demand for compensation should also evaluate how the crash has affected your emotional well-being and finances. A Largo motorcycle crash lawyer is ready to place a proper dollar value on a case and demand appropriate payments from liable drivers and insurance companies.

Showing Fault for Incidents Involving Motorcycles

While drivers must take proper care to protect bikers in the same manner as they do other travelers, this law also obligates bikers to obey the rules of the road and operate their vehicles with appropriate caution.

In fact, Florida Statute § 768.81 establishes the concept of pure comparative negligence. This says that courts considering accident cases must evaluate the actions of all involved people and assign blame based on their actions. The percentage of blame a court assigns a biker is the percentage by which their award at trial will be reduced.

As a result, it is critical to be able to show that another driver was wholly to blame for a collision. A Largo motorcycle collision lawyer is ready to obtain the evidence that points to this conclusion and frame demand packages in such a way as to leave no doubt concerning a defendant’s liability.

Talk with a Largo Motorcycle Accident Attorney Now

If you have endured an injury while riding your motorcycle in the Largo area, you may have grounds to demand compensation for your losses. Bikers enjoy the same protections on the road as all other travelers but still bear the burden of proving fault for an accident. In fact, other drivers and their insurance companies will often attempt to shift blame for an accident onto a rider or completely deny responsibility.

You deserve to focus on your wellness and recovery. Let a Largo motorcycle accident lawyer take charge in your case. They are ready to not only prove fault for an accident but also to show how it has changed your life when seeking full compensation. Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation.