Even apparently minor collisions on Largo’s roads can change your life permanently. These incidents can cause physical injuries that may require extensive rehabilitation or from which you may never fully recover. You may also experience intense emotional anguish or incur tremendous financial costs.

Whenever another driver is responsible for a crash that results in these losses, they are legally obligated to provide fair compensation. Still, obtaining these payments may require you to file an insurance claim that meets significant resistance or bring a case to court that requires a thorough knowledge of the law. A Largo car accident lawyer is prepared to guide you through both of these options and take all necessary steps to bring you to the compensation that you deserve. Our personal injury attorneys deliver. They could help you navigate the complexities of the legal system and arrive at a favorable outcome.

Proving Fault for a Car Accident

To win compensation for your accident, you must show that someone else’s actions were the reason for the collision. Oftentimes, this means showing that their violation of a traffic law was a contributing factor to the incident. A Largo car accident attorney could determine if a police officer issued a ticket to another driver involved in the accident for which they were convicted in traffic court. If so, a rule of law called “negligence per se” allows a civil court to presume that the guilty driver was to blame for an accident.

This avenue is unavailable in other cases where there was no criminal charge. Nevertheless, a Largo car crash lawyer could work to obtain evidence of another driver’s fault due to distracted driving, texting while behind the wheel, or fatigue that leaves no doubt as to that party’s responsibility for a crash.

Demonstrating the Extent of an Injury within the Allotted Time

While the law says that a responsible driver must pay the full extent of a victim’s losses resulting from a crash, it is your job to prove the connection between your condition and the accident. This applies equally to physical injuries, emotional traumas, and financial losses.

A Largo auto collision lawyer could aid in obtaining the evidence needed to collect full compensation. This can include:

  • Medical bills and records
  • Therapist notes that indicate emotional trauma
  • Lost wage reports from an employer
  • Economist estimates on future lost earnings

Using this data, an attorney can connect a defendant’s negligence to your current state and future prospects. They also strive to prove these vital concepts within the time allowed by state law. According to Florida Statute § 95.11, injured people must demand compensation no later than four years after the date of an incident. This applies to both insurance claims and lawsuits. Speaking now with an attorney in Largo who understands the law as it pertains to car accidents gives them the best chance of providing effective support.

Reach Out to a Largo Car Accident Attorney Today

Car crashes are traumatic events that can inflict lasting physical injuries, severe emotional damage, and even significant financial harm. All drivers have a duty to operate their vehicles in ways that lower the chance of these losses and must provide fair compensation whenever they are at fault for incidents that result in this harm.

Contacting a Largo car accident lawyer now allows them to take the lead in your case. They could show that another driver was liable for an accident and detail how that accident has changed your life. Speak with an attorney today to talk about your options.

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