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In 2020, Florida highways and roads saw 341,399 accidents, or an average of 933 crashes per day that involved 569,182 drivers. While the accident rate decreased by about 15 percent (most likely due to lack of traffic due to the COVID-19 pandemic) compared to 2019, far too many people lost their lives in these crashes, 3,083 to be exact. Suppose you or someone you love is involved in a car accident. In that case, it’s crucial to reach out to an experienced Largo car accident lawyer as soon as possible for legal help.

Types of Car Accidents

Car accidents can happen in several different ways, causing various types of accidents that range in severity. However, just because someone was in a fender bender doesn’t mean they will walk away without injuries, nor will someone in a head-on collision have guaranteed fatal or catastrophic injuries. It’s the job of the Largo car accident attorney to determine what caused your accident and to prove your injuries and damages. Understanding the different types of car accidents can help everyone know the accident occurred.

Head-on collision: When two vehicles are traveling toward each other in opposite directions and collide, a head-on collision occurs. These are typically extremely deadly, and those who live may have severe injuries. They often happen on two-lane roads or when a confused driver goes the wrong way.

Vehicle rollover: When a vehicle, usually an SUV or van, flips onto its side, lands on its roof, or tumbles several times, its occupants may be ejected. These accidents result in serious injuries, at a minimum, and carry a high fatality risk.

T-Bone accident: These accidents are also hazardous, occurring when one vehicle crashes head-on into the side of another. Most often, the “T” effect occurs on the driver’s side of the impacted vehicle, resulting in broken bones, brain injuries, and even fatalities.

Multiple-vehicle collision: A multiple-vehicle collision involves three or more vehicles in a chain of events arising from a single event. These pileups can range from minimal to massive, resulting in confusion, multiple injuries, and fatalities.

Sideswipe crash: Driving right next to another vehicle is quite risky, whether driving on a country road or a freeway. Any distraction could cause a driver to drift from their lane into another traffic lane, causing all types of injuries.

Side-impact crash: This type of accident happens when one vehicle is broadsided (hit in the side by another driver’s front end) Side-impact crashes typically occur at an intersection, but no matter where they happen, they stand to cause severe injuries and damages.

Frequently Asked Questions from our Clients

How Long Will My Car Accident Case Take?

It’s only natural to want your car accident case wrapped up as soon as possible. You likely have bills to pay and want this painful and heavy chapter of your life to be over. Unfortunately, no one can know precisely how long a car accident claim will take at its onset. As the case goes on, it should become more apparent how long it might take. Minor claims and those in which fault is obvious may only take a few weeks or months to settle. However, claims with serious injuries, multiple at-fault, or injured parties, or where fault is disputed can take several months or even years to conclude. Cooperating with your legal team and promptly providing them with the information and documents they need can help your case move faster.

Patience is critical to getting the compensation you deserve for your injuries. If you can hold out for a reasonable settlement or even a trial, you are more likely to get what you deserve. You can rely on the expertise of your Largo car accident lawyer to know when to settle or when you might want to hold out for a higher settlement.

What are Damages in a Car Accident Case?

Being in a car accident can negatively impact your life in many ways, from your finances to how you feel both physically and emotionally. Car accident damages are the financial representation of these negative impacts. While receiving money for damages can’t fix what has happened, it is the best way possible to make up for it.

Compensable damages include both economic or special and non-economic or general damages. Economic damages represent your financial losses arising from the accident and can include:

Receipts, bills, and wage loss statements typically serve as evidence for these types of damages. On the other hand, non-economic damages can be more challenging to prove. These types of damages don’t have inherent value. Since they are subjective, they can also be tricky to prove. However, these types of damages include:

Certain types of car accident claims can also involve punitive damages. Only the court has the authority to award punitive damages. They are reserved for cases in which the at-fault party’s actions that caused the accident were incredibly reckless or wanton. For instance, drunk driving cases may qualify for punitive damages. Instead of compensating a victim for their injuries, punitive damages are designed to deter future similar behaviors from the offender and others.

Contact a Skilled Largo Car Accident Lawyer Today for Help

Trying to recover from a car accident is a daunting task. You likely have physical injuries that need ongoing medical attention, property damage that needs to be taken care of, as well as legal needs. An experienced Largo car accident attorney from Mickey Keenan, PA, can help you with your legal needs after an accident while you focus on physical and mental healing and recovery.

Don’t talk to an insurance adjuster without first consulting with an attorney. Usually, help from an attorney will result in a higher settlement offer or court award for injured individuals after a car accident. You can get your case started by scheduling a case consultation over the phone today. Call 813-871-1300 or contact us online today to learn more about how we can help you.