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Hundreds of commercial and public buses travel around Largo every single day. While buses intend to provide safe and easy transportation to passengers, a careless bus driver can put the lives of those on board in grave danger. Other motorists on the road and pedestrians nearby could also sustain severe harm from a collision. Any accident involving a negligently operated bus could be the basis for a personal injury lawsuit, and a seasoned attorney’s guidance could be vital in successfully pursuing such a claim.

A Largo bus accident lawyer could provide essential guidance throughout the ensuing legal process. We could help you more effectively enforce your rights and avoid common procedural pitfalls along the way. Contact our firm to discuss your unique case with an attorney today.

Recovering for Specific Injuries and Losses

Even at low speeds, collisions between buses and smaller commuter cars can have devastating repercussions for everyone involved. Comparatively “minor” injuries like lacerations, muscle and ligament tears, and bone fractures may force you out of work and require expensive medical treatment to correct. More substantial damage to the brain, spine, and/or internal organs could cause permanent and debilitating harm.

Beyond out-of-pocket expenses like medical bills and lost income, it is also crucial to consider non-economic forms of harm as well. Such damages may include physical pain associated with injuries, emotional and psychological trauma from the accident, and the overall loss of enjoyment of life due to a permanently disabling injury.

Guidance from a knowledgeable Largo bus wreck attorney could be crucial to identifying all compensable losses and demanding fair restitution for all past and future effects of an incident. Depending on the circumstances, it may be possible to demand compensation from an individual bus driver, a bus driver’s employer, a negligent mechanic or manufacturer, or even a third party whose negligence forced an otherwise responsible bus driver into an unavoidable accident.

What Deadlines Apply to Bus Accident Claims?

No matter how severe the injuries stemming from a bus accident are, there is a limited amount of time under state law to begin pursuing a civil claim. According to Florida Statutes §95.11(3), anyone who waits longer than four years after sustaining—or in some cases, discovering—injuries caused by another party’s misconduct is generally barred from recovering compensation for that specific incident.

Importantly, if the defendant in this type of claim is a government entity, even shorter deadlines for providing formal notice of intent to sue may apply. A bus accident lawyer in Largo could go into specific detail about the process for filing a particular claim.

Contact a Largo Bus Accident Attorney Today

Commercial bus drivers have the same responsibility as other Florida drivers to act rationally behind the wheel. This duty extends to bus operating entities and the various other people who help keep these vehicles on the road. Recklessness or carelessness by any of these parties could lead to severe, life-altering harm for passengers and motorists alike. If this is the case, such negligence may potentially justify civil litigation.

During a private consultation, a Largo bus accident lawyer could discuss the available legal options under your unique circumstances. Schedule yours by calling our firm today.