When Should I Call a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

It is vitally important to seek legal representation as soon as possible after a car accident, once it is safe to do so. While you aren’t legally required to contact a lawyer after an accident in Florida, many auto accident victims choose to hire an attorney to navigate the legal process.  


Wondering when you should call a lawyer after a crash? Our personal injury attorneys will fight for you like our own family. Led by veteran Attorney Mickey Keenan, we have your back.  If you are looking for compensation as a result of a car accident you’ve been in, contact us right away. Working with an attorney may help to increase your settlement and make you whole again. 



What Should You Do After a Car Accident? 

How much compensation you might receive from your accident claim hinges on what you do after the car accident. Here’s some of our advice on what you need to do after being involved in an auto accident: 


  • Stay at the scene and call 911 – This will ensure that police file a report and paramedics treat any injuries. Avoid admitting fault or apologizing to anyone for the accident occurring.
  • Follow up with medical care – Not all injuries are immediately evident. A doctor will evaluate you for any underlying injuries sustained in the accident. 
  • Keep meticulous records – From photos of the crash scene, including car damage, skid marks, and areas surrounding the crash, as well as notes from eyewitnesses, medical records, and any bills that are related to the crash. Additionally, keep notes of the pain caused by your injuries and how it negatively impacts your life.
  • Request the police report – This report details the accident, including what happened, the location, and all involved parties. This report can be used as evidence. 
  • Contact an attorney ASAP – Immediately contacting an attorney after your auto accident may increase the likelihood of getting higher compensation. Mickey Keenan P.A. ensures your case is strong when filing your insurance claim.  


Don’t Wait to File a Claim After an Auto Accident 

Florida’s statute of limitations for car accident victims is four years from the date of your accident. Although it may seem like you have a long time to file, don’t put it off. The sooner you file, the easier it is to prove that your injuries are directly related to the accident.  


In addition, eyewitnesses are more likely to corroborate the facts shortly after the incident; it would be hard to track them down much later.  


Putting together any solid legal defense will take time, so it’s best to get started right away.  


How to Deal With Insurance Companies 

Dealing with auto insurance company claims are typically difficult as the companies look to avoid fairly compensating you. Florida is a no-fault state, meaning plaintiffs must file an insurance claim with their insurance company to receive compensation.  


Here’s what we recommend: 


  • Don’t sign paperwork from your insurance provider without a lawyer reviewing it. Otherwise, you may be agreeing to an excessively low settlement. 
  • Don’t speak with the insurance company of the at-fault driver. They may be gathering evidence to use against you. 
  • Contact an attorney to speak to auto insurance companies on your behalf. 


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What You May Be Entitled To After a Car Accident 

Car accidents can leave you in severe debt due to various reasons. Some damages you may be eligible to claim after an auto accident include: 




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