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Every person in Lehigh Acres has a responsibility to act reasonably and protect those around them. This includes when they get behind the wheel of a car, invite others onto their property, or even provide medical care. A failure to live up to this duty that results in an injury could mean that a person or company is responsible for the victim’s losses.

If you suffered because of someone else’s negligence, a Lehigh Acres personal injury lawyer is ready to help pursue your legal case. The experienced attorneys at our firm could work to prove another party’s liability for your accident and demand full compensation for your losses. We are ready to take all necessary steps to pursue the payments you need and deliver the results you deserve.

Proving Negligence in an Accident Case

Most personal injury cases rely on the concept of negligence to show that another party was responsible for an incident. Negligence applies when a party had an obligation to keep others safe, failed in this obligation, and an injury resulted. This core concept applies to a wide range of incidents, including:

A Lehigh Acres personal injury attorney works to build cases against negligent parties and their insurance companies. Legal counsel could gather vital evidence such as police reports, video footage, and witness statements. Obtaining this information allows our attorneys to build powerful cases against at-fault parties and demand that they provide fair compensation to their victims.

Possible Forms of Compensation Following a Personal Injury

The law says that a negligent party must provide the full payments needed to cover the losses of their victims. Even so, defendants and insurance companies are likely to resist providing this compensation. They may allege that you share some or all of the blame for an incident using Florida Statute § 768.61. If a court accepts this argument, it must reduce your compensation by your share of fault for an incident.

Our personal injury lawyers fight to show how an incident has impacted your life and demonstrate that the defendants were entirely to blame. By bringing our experience to the table, we could pursue substantial compensation for the full cost of your medical care, including future estimated expenses.

Additionally, a personal injury claim could demand payments for the others ways that an accident has changed your life. This can include emotional traumas, reductions in quality of life, and even lost wages due to missing time at work. Our local personal injury lawyers evaluate the value of your case and demand that negligent parties pay their fair share.

Reach Out to a Lehigh Acres Personal Injury Attorney Now

People who suffer personal injuries because of the actions of others deserve the payments that they need to set things right. A civil claim can also help you gain a sense of accountability from the people at-fault for your injuries. However, collecting compensation depends on your ability to prove fault for an incident and tie another’s actions to your losses.

A Lehigh Acres personal injury lawyer is ready to take the lead in your case. Our legal team works to protect your rights and fight against insurance companies and defendants who may attempt to shift blame onto you. Give us a call now to begin discussing your case. We are committed to helping our clients through these difficult times.