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Large trucks and other commercial vehicles pose a constant threat to the well-being of all travelers on Largo’s roads. Even if a truck driver is taking every possible precaution, these vehicles are slow to stop in emergencies or may roll over during a sudden turn. This can create unavoidable hazards on the road that make collisions inevitable. Making matters worse, the massive size of these vehicles means that crashes can result in severe losses that affect every part of your life.

A Largo truck accident lawyer is here to help you pursue your case for the compensation that you deserve. This includes proving a trucker’s fault for the accident, measuring proper compensation for your losses, and demanding that drivers, insurance companies, and trucking businesses provide their fair share of payments. The law is complex and daunting, and our dedicated personal injury attorneys stand ready to help you navigate its pitfalls.

Law Violations Lead to Truck Accidents

Operating a large truck comes with many obligations under the law. Many of these are the same that affect drivers of personal vehicles. Truckers must be sure to follow speed limits, yield when necessary to other drivers, and refrain from texting while behind the wheel. Proving that a trucker caused an accident by violating a local traffic law is one way to show liability for a crash.

At the same time, a collection of laws applies specifically to the operators of trucks. One prominent example is the daily and weekly hour regulations that limit where a driver may be on the road. Under Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations, drivers who violate these rules are presumably at fault for a collision. A Largo truck accident attorney delivers results and is prepared to fully investigate the truckers’ actions leading up to a crash in order to connect the accident to their poor decisions.

Injuries and Compensation for Truck Crashes

Collisions involving commercial vehicles tend to be among the most serious that can occur on Largo’s roads. This is due to the pure size of these vehicles and the amount of force that they can place on the bodies of people involved in these crashes. Common examples of physical injuries that result from truck collisions include:

A trucker who causes a crash must provide compensation for all necessary medical care connected to these injuries. They must also compensate you for your other losses. These often include emotional traumas, lost time with loved ones, and missing income.

A Largo truck collision lawyer fights for truckers pay for their negligence. In addition, these cases can often seek compensation from a trucker’s employer. A legal concept called respondeat superior holds an employer jointly liable for the actions of their workers while on the clock. An attorney could help determine if this concept applies to a client’s case.

Speak with a Largo Truck Accident Attorney Today

Truck accidents are sudden events that can affect any person traveling on Largo’s roads. A trucker’s lack of attention to their surroundings, distraction due to talking on a cell phone, or even their violations of federal trucking hour regulations may all lead to dangerous situations that result in harsh injuries.

A Largo truck accident lawyer wants to help you prove a trucker’s fault for a crash and collect fair payments for your losses. This includes obtaining the evidence needed to prove fault for a collision and accurately quantifying your losses to demand fair compensation from all liable parties. Contact our lawyers to discuss your case today, as there is a strict time limit following an accident to demand payment.