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Numerous federal and state-level regulations are in place to protect Americans from faulty products. Despite these efforts, far too many consumer goods are sold in Florida stores with dangerous defects. Even when companies voluntarily recall hazardous products, they often do so too late.

Holding a large corporation accountable for damages may be distinctly complex without the guidance of a Largo defective products lawyer. If you sustained harm because of a faulty good, do not wait to contact a dedicated personal injury attorney. We could help you recover a fair settlement amount for your compensable losses—contact our firm today to get started.

Holding a Manufacturer Strictly Liable for an Injury

Product manufacturers in Florida may be liable for injuries inflicted upon consumers under the same traditional negligence theory that most personal injury claims are built around. However, it is also possible—and much more common—to pursue claims like this under product liability law, which allows consumers to hold manufacturers strictly liable for injuries caused by certain defects.

Legally actionable defects include fundamental problems with a product’s design that makes every produced unit dangerous in the same way, a mistake made during a product’s manufacture or assembly that makes a particular unit or batch unsafe, and errors or omissions in a product’s “marketing” (a failure by the manufacturer to provide sufficient instructions in a product’s packaging about how to use it safely.) Notably, you must have been using the product as intended and then been injured by one of these defects to have grounds for litigation.

If you can prove that a defect existed when a product left its manufacturer’s direct control and that you were injured directly by that defect, you could potentially recover compensation for every form of harm your injuries have caused already and may cause later. This could include medical bills, past and future income loss, and various types of physical and psychological suffering. A Largo product liability attorney could clarify during a private consultation what damages might be available in a specific situation.

How Long Do Product Liability Claims Take?

As with other types of personal injury litigation, the time it takes to get a fair settlement offer or secure a civil court verdict may vary depending on the defendant manufacturer’s opposition and the extent of losses a plaintiff has suffered. However, while there is no standard for how long a claim may go on after being filed, there are strict deadlines for when a plaintiff must start the litigation process.

State law restricts injured parties to four years after initially discovering their injuries and 12 years after initially buying the product in question to file suit. That said, there are exceptions to these rules under unique circumstances that a defective products lawyer in Largo could explain in more detail.

Seek Help from a Largo Defective Products Attorney

As a consumer, you should be able to trust that everything you buy from a retail or online store will be reasonably safe to use. In reality, though, not every manufacturer meets this basic standard with their products, and this may sometimes lead to innocent people suffering avoidable injuries.

In this situation, contacting a Largo defective products lawyer could be a critical first step towards resolving your case positively. Call us today to get started.