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Bicycling is a fun and healthy activity and a reliable mode of transportation for many people. Unfortunately, not every driver is as attentive to the law or to other people as they should be. This sometimes leads to collisions with bicyclists that have devastating repercussions.

If an irresponsible driver caused you harm while you were riding, scheduling a meeting with a Largo bicycle accident lawyer might be a wise move. Demanding fair compensation from the person who hit you may be vital to protecting your long-term best interests, and a dedicated personal injury attorney’s guidance could be essential to making the most of your unique claim.

Common Bike Wreck Injuries and Losses

Even bicyclists who wear helmets and other protective equipment while riding are relatively unprotected in a motor vehicle accident. This can lead you to suffer especially severe injuries. Comparatively “minor” injuries like lacerations, ligament tears, broken bones, and facial injuries can still require months of medical and rehabilitative treatment, and more severe trauma to the brain, neck, spine, or internal organs may result in permanent disability.

While financial restitution cannot undo the harm caused, it can be key to minimizing the economic and non-economic consequences of those injuries in the short and long term. Specific damages that often factor into claims like this include:

A Largo bike wreck attorney at our firm could further clarify what losses could be included in your specific lawsuit or settlement demand.

Holding a Driver Liable for a Bike Collision

Even though motor vehicle drivers have a far lower risk of being injured in collisions with bicycles compared to cyclists, that does not mean state law automatically holds drivers legally liable for these kinds of crashes. To hold a motor vehicle driver financially accountable for accident-related losses, you must prove the driver was legally negligent—in other words, that they violated the duty all drivers hold to act responsibly and follow traffic laws while behind the wheel, and in doing so directly caused an accident that would otherwise have never occurred.

Additionally, you may need to prove that you bear no fault for causing your own damages or worsening your injuries through your own misconduct. As our bicycle crash lawyers in Largo could further explain, any percentage of total blame for a wreck assigned to an injured bicyclist by a court will almost certainly lead to a proportional reduction in the compensation they are eligible to recover.

Speak with a Largo Bicycle Accident Attorney Today

Bicycle crashes cause serious harm to hundreds of riders across Florida every year, and many of those wrecks could have been avoided completely if the other party had been more careful. In situations like this, demanding fair financial recovery for your injuries and losses can be crucial to protecting your best interests both now and in the future.

A capable Largo bicycle accident lawyer could be your dependable ally throughout every stage of your unique civil claim. Call us today to schedule a consultation.