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Why You Should Never Put Your Feet On The Dashboard

Have you ever propped your feet up on the dashboard to get more comfortable as a front-seat passenger on long road trips? Seen someone else do it? Many have never considered what this seating position could do if a car crash were to occur. When seated like this, your life could change in an instant.

Our personal injury attorneys at Mickey Keenan P.A. strive to keep everyone safe and informed while on the road, so keep reading to learn why you should NEVER put your feet on the dashboard, even if you think it is more comfortable.

The Risks of Putting Your Feet on the Dashboard

Putting your feet up on the dashboard can lead to severe injuries if you were involved in an accident. And while you might think that as a passenger you can simply remove your feet before the airbags deploy, you can’t. There isn’t enough time.

Airbags can deploy at a rate of around 200 miles per hour. There isn’t enough time to move your legs out of the way.

The speed of deployment means that unless you can move at a superhuman speed, you could end up becoming a human pretzel. Even in a minor crash, your legs can become severely injured or dislocated, your pelvis could be crushed, you will likely have back injuries, or you could end up with massive head injuries. Injuries like these can lead to permanent disability.

Here are a few other reasons why putting your feet on the dash is a bad idea:

The Risk of Permanent Disability

Not only does the risk of injury increase in this position, but your risk of severe debilitating injuries also drastically increases. You are putting your full body at risk as your legs become a projectile, injuring your torso, face, and head.

There have been passengers that have become permanently disabled due to having their feet on the dashboard during an accident, even a minor one. Some of these people live with multiple screws in their ankles, hips, and knees and experience lasting chronic pain. Others have suffered permanent paralysis. We believe it’s not right to not be in some way made whole again.

What to Do Instead

If you or a family member are in the bad habit of putting your feet up on the dashboard during long car rides, you might want to consider taking occasional breaks along the way to stretch your legs.

While that recumbent position might be comfortable and tempting, just remember it is not worth the potential injuries should a car accident occur.

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Ride Smart, Stay Protected in an Accident

Remember, riding with your feet on the dashboard might be more comfortable but it just isn’t worth it when you think about the potential consequences.

If you are involved in a car accident, it is important to seek medical attention immediately

and the advice of our proven, trial-tested personal injury attorneys at Mickey Keenan P.A. We will work on your behalf to ensure that you receive the damages that you deserve. Reach out to our lawyers by calling (813) 871-1300 today for a free consultation.