Tampa’s Wrong-Way Accident Problem

A wrong-way car accident can cause catastrophic or fatal injuries. We’ve all seen reports of crashed into a car’, ‘killed in wrong-way crash’, ‘struck and killed’… while driving the wrong way 


Often, the driver is unaware that they are traveling in the wrong direction until it is too late. Sadly, these accidents are often at a high speed and are typically head-on. They also happen too frequently across Tampa Bay. 



Wrong-Way Car Accident Trends  


On average, about 360 lives are lost each year to fatal wrong-way collisions according to a Highway Special Investigation Report. 


Some interesting trends can be seen with wrong-way accidents: 


  • Most wrong-way drivers are between the ages of 20 and 29.  
  • Drunk drivers cause 75% of all wrong-way accidents.  
  • 9% of wrong-way drivers had been convicted of a DWI within 3 years before the wrong-way accident.  
  • Wrong-way collisions often happen at night.  



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If you have been injured in a wrong-way collision, or a loved one was fatally injured, contact Mickey Keenan P.A. Here, your family is our family. We’re available 24/7 to talk about the accident.  



Wrong-Way Car Accident Causes  


Often, wrong-way car accidents are caused by a confused motorist who is unfamiliar with the area. In an area like Tampa, we also have many one-way streets, which can lead to a crash.  


Other causes include: 


  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol 
  • Foggy weather or heavy rain that obscures signage 
  • Poor lighting  
  • Distracted driving or texting and driving 
  • Missing road signage 
  • Confusion in a construction zone 
  • Falling asleep while driving 
  • Passing a vehicle and not returning to the proper lane 



An added factor is that the victim may take evasive maneuvers to avoid a head-on collision and end up crashing into other vehicles, objects, and even pedestrians 


Some cities have installed signs or sensors on some roadways that flash a wrong way message to a motorist that is traveling in the wrong direction. You may notice these kinds of signage on the Selmon Expressway or many other roads in Tampa.  



Avoiding a Head-On Collision 


If you suddenly find yourself facing a wrong-way vehicle driving towards you in your lane, stay calm and use safe evasive measures to mitigate a head-on collision.  


Stay safe; follow these tips: 


  • Always wear your seatbelt.  
  • Slow down and pull over onto the shoulder 
  • Remain alert as you may be required to make a split-second decision 
  • No matter what you need to do, do it calmly.  
  • Remember, it’s always best to hit a stationary object than hit a vehicle that is traveling towards you head-on. 


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Who Is At Fault in A Wrong Way Collision? 


Wrong-way drivers must be held accountable for not recognizing that they were traveling in the wrong direction and causing an accident. If the driver is intoxicated, police will attempt to have the driver take a blood alcohol content (BAC) test and they’ll likely face criminal proceedings. 


A wrong-way car accident could have been the result of defective automotive equipment. A defective steering mechanism or a blown-out tire could have caused the driver to over-correct into the opposite direction. If this is the case, the vehicle manufacturer may be held at fault.  


Or, if a lack of signage or if it was obscured by overgrown foliage, the city may be held at fault.  


How Can an Accident Attorney Help? 


We recommend that everyone that was involved in a wrong-way car accident get in touch with an attorney right away.  


An experienced car accident attorney like Mickey Keenan or Alan Bulnes will be able to help you get the settlement that you deserve. Once hired, we will start investigating CCTV footage, speaking to witnesses, finding police reports, and talking with police and first responders. We will also work on your behalf with the insurance company and fight for your compensation.  


We can help if: 


  • The insurance company is disputing liability 
  • The insurance company is refusing to pay.  
  • You were involved in a wrong-way car accident that resulted in severe injury 
  • The insurance company is trying to settle with a low-call settlement. 



Been in a Wrong-Way Collision? Call Mickey Keenan Law  


We know how devastating a wrong-way car accident can be and are on your side to help you receive the compensation you deserve for injuries, loss of wages, or the loss of a loved one.  


Our car accident attorneys at Mickey Keenan Law in Tampa, FL are here for you every step of the way. Contact us today for a case review—813-871-1300.   


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