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Whether you are on a sidewalk, in a crosswalk, or walking near a road, you are unfortunately at risk of being severely injured by a reckless driver. If a collision leaves you dealing with physical, financial, and personal losses, comprehensive civil litigation might be your best means of recovering from the harm you suffered and preserving your future.

Before pursuing a claim like this on your own, you should consider consulting with a The Villages pedestrian accident lawyer about your unique circumstances. Guidance from a personal injury attorney experienced in achieving positive results in similar cases can be essential to maximizing your claim’s value or getting any compensation from your suit.

No-Fault Pedestrian Accident Claims in The Villages

Typically, the law considers any motor vehicle driver who carelessly violates their duty to obey the law and act carefully around other vehicles and people legally negligent if their actions directly cause a pedestrian collision. That recklessness can be the basis for you to demand financial restitution for every economic and non-economic consequence your injuries have now and in the future.

In Florida, things work differently because of the state’s no-fault approach to auto crashes and car insurance. Someone harmed in any motor vehicle collision can recover for medical expenses, vehicle damage, and certain out-of-pocket losses through the personal injury protection coverage included in their car insurance. If a pedestrian is uninsured, the coverage of the driver who hit them will compensate them for their losses.

Because this coverage is available on a no-fault basis, recovery is possible no matter who bears fault for an incident, even if an injured person is primarily to blame. However, numerous complexities are involved in this kind of case, all of which a pedestrian crash attorney in The Villages can provide vital assistance in explaining.

When Is a Pedestrian Crash Lawsuit Possible?

In Florida, lawsuits based on any auto accident are only possible if an injured party suffers a severe injury. This includes a collision that results in permanent disfigurement and disability. If a pedestrian ends up sustaining lifelong trauma from being hit by a car, they could recover for other losses like future medical bills, physical and emotional suffering, and lost quality of life if they can prove negligence by the driver who struck them.

As a pedestrian crash lawyer in The Villages can explain, comparative fault on a plaintiff’s part can play a central role in these cases. Under Florida Statutes §768.81, any injured person who bears partial blame for their accident based on their negligence may be subject to a proportional reduction in their final damage award’s value.

Contact a The Villages Pedestrian Accident Attorney Today

Even at low speeds, an impact from a moving vehicle can cause devastating harm to an unprotected person. Unfortunately, demanding fair financial recovery after a collision can be much more complicated than you might expect, particularly without seasoned legal counsel on your side.

A The Villages pedestrian accident lawyer could guide you through every step of your claim, enforcing your rights along the way. Call today for a private consultation with our team.