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Millions of people in Florida use Uber to run errands, go to and from work or school, and get around. They are normally cleaner and more affordable than traditional taxis. But like taxi drivers, Uber drivers also get into crashes. Whether you are crossing the street on foot or your bike, riding an Uber vehicle, or driving your car and an Uber driver hits you, you deserve fair compensation for your injuries and other losses.

No matter your situation, The Villages Uber accident attorney at Mickey Keenan, PA, can figure out the best option to recover compensation for the damages you have suffered.

Who Should Be Held Liable for an Uber Accident? 

At Mickey Keenan, PA, The Villages Uber accident attorney has represented numerous Uber accident victims, including those who sustained these injuries:

Who should be held liable for your injuries will depend on the circumstances of the crash. Factors that can significantly impact liability typically include:

How The Villages Uber Accident Attorney Can Help

While Uber provides ample liability coverage for covered accidents, that doesn’t mean that their insurer will readily compensate injured victims for their damages. Uber accidents can be very complex, particularly if they involve severe injuries and other losses, and dealing with insurers and the claims process can be incredibly frustrating and challenging. The Villages Uber accident attorney at Mickey Keenan, PA, can:

Figure out how much your claim is worth.

It is difficult to compare one accident to another accident and determine exactly much your claim could be worth. But our experienced attorney can figure out the value of your claim by investigating the crash, gathering evidence to support your injuries and damages, and working with experts to accurately value your case based on your losses and how they have impacted your life.

Deal with all the insurance companies involved.

Insurers will either pay you less compensation than what your losses are worth or deny your claim. They do this because their business is making money and not giving it away. With The Villages Uber accident attorney on your side, you will not get bullied into accepting a low settlement offer.

Pursue compensation from all the liable parties.

In some Uber crashes, there might be other parties at fault and not just the Uber driver. If this applies to your case, your lawyer will go after all the parties involved to pursue the maximum amount of compensation you’re entitled to under the law.

The Villages Uber accident attorney at Mickey Keenan, PA, will explain all your options and work tirelessly to protect your best interests so that you can obtain the highest compensation amount possible for your damages. Schedule your appointment with The Villages Uber accident by calling 813-871-1300 or reaching us online.