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All deaths are tragedies that affect not just the decedent but also the loved ones in their lives. Family members may suffer significant financial losses, emotional traumas, and lost support in their lives as a result of this death. A resulting wrongful death lawsuit must demand the compensation needed to set things right.

However, not every unexpected death can justify a demand for payment. Under state law, only certain deaths that you can attribute to the actions of others can serve as the basis for these cases. A Riverview wrongful death lawyer could further explain this important concept. A compassionate personal injury attorney could then evaluate the actions of others to place blame upon them and demand appropriate payments through insurance settlements and lawsuits.

Helping Families Measure the Impact of a Wrongful Death

A sudden death impacts the victim’s family in the most profound and tangible ways. The goal of a Riverview wrongful death attorney is to pursue the compensation that you need to bring comfort and stability back into your life.

With this in mind, only certain people can benefit from a wrongful death case. Only a decedent’s surviving family members can receive compensation from the resulting insurance settlements or court verdicts. In addition, Florida Statute § 768.20 says that only the personal representative of a decedent’s estate has the ability to file these cases in court. In many instances, this person is also a member of the decedent’s immediate family. A Riverview negligent death attorney could provide more information about the purpose of these lawsuits, the potential compensation, and who may stand to benefit from these cases.

When Does a Death Justify a Demand for Compensation?

As devastating as any death undoubtedly is, not every incident involving a premature passing can give rise to a successful wrongful death claim. In fact, state law specifically defines when a personal representative has the ability to file these lawsuits in court and when another person or entity may be liable for the damage that they cause.

Under Fla. Stat. § 768.19, a death is wrongful when the actions of another party would have allowed the decedent to pursue a personal injury case for their losses if they had survived the incident. It is only the fact that the event resulted in a death that makes this a wrongful death case.

As a result, wrongful death cases may be appropriate after a number of events, such as:

A wrongful death lawyer in Riverview is ready to help family members better understand the legal concept of a wrongful death and evaluate your rights after the actions of others resulted in this tragic outcome.

Seek Justice with a Riverview Wrongful Death Attorney Today

All deaths have the potential to impact the lives of the family members of the deceased in a devastating way. You might suffer significant financial losses and an overall reduction in your ability to enjoy life. The law recognizes you are just as much the victim of the negligent actions of defendants. As a result, you may demand compensation for your economic and non-economic losses.

A Riverview wrongful death lawyer wants to help family members and personal representatives of the deceased pursue these payments. We are ready to build powerful cases against the people and entities responsible for a death. We also show how these events have affected families and demand fair compensation in court or in settlement negotiations. Give us a call to learn how we get results.