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Florida is the ultimate destination for boaters and water lovers. It has over one million registered recreational vessels, and this number increases yearly. But this also means the number of deadly and injurious boating accidents has increased in recent years. When you head to the ocean, lake, or river, whether to fish, ride a boat, swim, or enjoy watersports, you expect boat operators to operate their vessels safely. However, not all boat operators know how or care to operate their boats properly.

2022 data from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) Boating Statistical Report cited 735 boating accidents. 319 of these Florida boating accidents resulted in 457 injured people and 65 deaths, as well as three missing people who are presumed dead. The report also found that falling off a boat and people drowning are the most common causes of boating accident deaths.

If you suffered injuries in a Riverview boating accident because of another’s reckless or negligent actions, you are entitled to monetary compensation to cover the costs of your medical expenses, property damage, lost earnings, and other related losses. The Riverview boating accident attorney at Mickey Keenan, PA, is prepared to fight for you and ensure you obtain the compensation amount you need to pay for your losses.

Common Causes of Riverview Boating Accidents

Over the years, the Riverview boating accident attorneys at Mickey Keenan, PA, have represented and handled various kinds of boating accidents. Drunk and distracted drivers are the most common causes of boating accidents. Other common causes include the following:

Regardless of how your boating accident occurred, if you or a loved one sustained injuries due to another party’s negligence, our Riverview boating accident attorneys are ready to help.

What Our Riverview Boating Accident Attorney Can Do For Your Case

The massive impact of boating accidents can be life-changing - or worse, deadly. At Mickey Keenan, PA, we invest our time, expertise, and resources in every case we handle. Our Riverview boating accident attorneys will launch a thorough investigation of your case and build a strong claim by:

No matter who is liable for your boating accident-related damages, our Riverview boating accident attorney will work tirelessly to ensure they pay for their negligence and the losses you suffered.

Learn more about your case and how we will secure compensation on your behalf by contacting our Riverview boating accident attorney today. Call Mickey Keenan, PA, at 813-871-1300 or reach us online to arrange your case review with our Riverview boating accident attorney.