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Motorcycle Accidents: Making You Whole Again

Florida is one of the leading states for motorcycle accidents. This should come as no surprise— Florida has year–round temperate climate and sunshine as well as a vast array of highways. This sets Florida apart from most other states and makes riding a motorcycle very popular and appealing.

But riding a motorcycle comes with a higher risk of accidents, even when you are super careful. Let’s further discuss motorcycle accidents and how to make you whole again if you have been injured.

Why Are Motorcyclists More Prone to Accidents?

Motorcycle accidents are often more serious than motor vehicle injuries for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest reasons is the lack of protection surrounding the motorcycle. Unlike a car, you have no walls, sides, or roof to stop your impact if you are thrown from the motorcycle.

Motorcycles are also missing seatbelts and airbags. These safety features, mandatory in all other motor vehicles, significantly reduce the seriousness and severity of the injuries or possible fatalities should an accident occur.

Another reason for motorcycle accidents is that they are smaller than cars or trucks. Motor vehicle drivers may not be paying close enough attention and may not see a motorcycle when switching lanes due to their smaller size or being in their “blind spot.”

Finally, Florida does not have a helmet law. Motorcyclists are not required to wear a helmet. If involved in a collision with a car or semi–truck, not wearing a helmet can lead to increased injuries or death. Motorcycle accidents tend to lead to concussions and even long-term brain injuries, and when other protective attire isn’t worn severe road rash which can lead to permanent scarring or disfigurement.

Injured While Riding a Motorcycle?

If you are the victim of a motorcycle accident you will want to make sure you follow the proper steps while still at the crash site.

By taking all these steps you are helping to ensure that you have a strong case against the insurance companies. It helps to show you were not at fault or negligent and you have the proper documentation needed to show medical injuries. Once you have followed these initial steps from the accident, our lawyers will take over so you can focus on recovering.

Why Do I Need A Motorcycle Attorney

A motorcycle accident is entirely different than a truck or car accident. Various legal issues and complications can arise that differ from normal motor vehicle accidents; these can include determining fault and negligence.

Motorcycle accident victims tend to have more serious injuries. Medical expenses can be much higher as well as not being able to go back to work as quickly—which results in loss of wages. Insurance companies are not very willing to compensate you, even if you are entitled to substantial financial compensation.

Having a lawyer by your side from the beginning to fight for your case will help you and your family recovery with less stress. Our lawyers at Mickey Keenan, PA will take immediate action to make sure your case is a priority and we will handle all the evidence, the insurance companies, and the court process so you can focus on making yourself whole again.

Get a Free Motorcycle Accident Case Evaluation Today

If you ride a motorcycle, our lawyers at Mickey Keenan, PA recommend you take these 3 steps to protect yourself:

  1. Always wear a helmet and protective clothing
  2. Follow all safety precautions and road rules
  3. Review your motorcycle insurance policy

At Mickey Keenan, PA our attorneys are well versed in motorcycle accidents. We will sit down and discuss your insurance policy to answer any questions that you have and make sure you have the right coverage in place. This is a great proactive step that will help you later if you are injured in a motorcycle accident.

As a motorcycle accident victim, you may be entitled to significant financial compensation and we are here to help you. We offer free consultations and are available to speak with you online or by phone. Make sure to download our convenient phone app to have on hand at all times, you never know when an accident may occur. Our experienced motorcycle accident attorneys are available to help make you whole as best as we can. Your fight is our fight.