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What Can I Get for Pain and Suffering After my Motorcycle Accident?

If someone else causes your motorcycle crash in the Riverview area, you deserve compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other losses. Florida’s no-fault laws do not apply to motorcycles, so you will need to file an insurance claim against the at-fault party. This means you can seek compensation for your non-economic damages, as well, including for pain and suffering.

To know how much your pain and suffering might be worth, always seek a consultation with a Riverview motorcycle accident lawyer. Insurance companies will undervalue your non-economic damages, so always have an attorney advocating for the full amount you deserve.

Injuries Can Cause Severe Pain and Suffering

Most injuries come with some degree of pain and suffering. You might have fractured your wrist and felt pain for a few weeks, or maybe you must face the rest of your life with chronic pain from a permanent spinal injury. You might need pain medications and other treatments to manage your pain.

Injuries can also cause other types of suffering aside from physical pain. A catastrophic injury might leave you with disabilities that prevent you from living your usual life. You might have to stop working, quit recreational activities, or even require full-time care. All of these effects should be accounted for in your compensation for pain and suffering.

Calculating Pain and Suffering Damages

Calculating pain and suffering in an injury case is a complex process, as it involves assessing the intangible losses you experienced. Unlike economic damages that can be objectively quantified, you cannot calculate pain and suffering based on bills and receipts.

There are various methods used to calculate pain and suffering, including:

Multiplier Method - This approach involves multiplying the economic damages (such as medical bills and lost wages) by a certain factor. The multiplier is typically determined by the severity of the injury, its impact on your life, and the duration of your recovery. For instance, a more severe and long-term injury may warrant a higher multiplier.

Per Diem Method - With this method, a daily rate is established to compensate for the pain and suffering you experienced. The rate is multiplied by the number of days you suffered and are expected to continue suffering in the future.

Our attorneys calculate your pain and suffering to demand what you deserve from the liable party’s insurance company. We will also ensure the insurance company uses the proper method when calculating your settlement offers.

Call a Riverview Motorcycle Accident Lawyer for Assistance

After the stress and pain of a motorcycle accident, you’re likely wondering how much compensation you might receive and how you must seek payment. You have medical bills, property damage, and lost wages to worry about, and you should not have to add the legal process to your list of concerns.

Mickey Keenan P.A. can help. We are a team of Riverview motorcycle accident lawyers standing by to advise you of your options. Schedule your free consultation and get started as soon as possible.