While commercial tractor-trailers play a crucial role in America’s economy, they can also be dangerous if extensively trained and experienced professionals do not operate them. Any time a truck driver or trucking company is careless, life-altering consequences can happen for multiple people sharing the road with a commercial vehicle.

Pursuing civil restitution after an incident like this could be vital in protecting your long-term interests. Trying to do so without a skilled personal injury attorney helping you is always difficult. If you want a better chance of getting the compensation you deserve, retaining a The Villages truck accident lawyer after getting necessary medical care should be a priority.

Identifying Who Bears Fault for a Truck Wreck

Every person who drives a motor vehicle on public roads in Florida has the same basic obligation to act responsibly behind the wheel. This duty entails following all state and federal laws, paying attention to surrounding vehicles, and watching for obstacles and hazards. Anyone who causes a collision directly by violating a traffic law—or simply because they acted carelessly by, for example, driving too fast for road conditions—has been legally negligent and can bear civil liability for any injuries and losses.

Parties who may be partially or primarily to blame for an incident of this nature include:

  • An individual trucker who acted recklessly
  • A trucking company, either held vicariously liable for their employee’s negligence or directly accountable for their misconduct
  • A third party directly affiliated with the trucking company, like a mechanic or supplier that did not ensure a truck was safe before transit
  • Another driver who acted negligently and forced a trucker into an unavoidable wreck
  • Municipal authorities that did not maintain a road in a safe condition

A knowledgeable attorney in The Villages can assist in identifying who may bear liability for a truck crash and take proactive legal action against each of them.

Recovering Comprehensively Within Filing Deadlines for a Truck Crash Claim

Florida takes a no-fault approach to auto accidents and insurance. Recovering for immediately obvious economic losses like vehicle damage, emergency medical bills, and missed work income is almost always done through your car insurance coverage. If a collision results in a permanent or disfiguring injury, it may be possible to hold a specific party at fault for additional damages like physical pain, emotional distress, and lost enjoyment of life.

Even if you sustain lifelong harm from a truck crash, you generally have four years after sustaining or discovering your injuries to file a claim, per Florida Statutes §95.11(3). Help from a seasoned lawyer can be crucial to building a comprehensive claim within this deadline after a truck collision in The Villages.

Consider Working with a The Villages Truck Accident Attorney

Any traffic accident involving a commercial vehicle can cause severe physical, financial, and personal losses to everyone involved. Unfortunately, holding an irresponsible person or company accountable for these losses can be difficult for anyone to manage alone, especially while you are trying to heal.

A The Villages truck accident lawyer could be a steadfast and irreplaceable ally from beginning to end of your civil claim. Call today to discuss your options with our firm.

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