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Motor vehicle drivers are responsible for obeying the law and acting carefully around everyone they encounter while driving. Unfortunately, far too many drivers fail to meet that responsibility around motorcyclists. If you were struck and seriously injured by a reckless driver while riding, demanding fair civil compensation for the harm you sustained may be essential to preserving your future and long-term quality of life.

In this situation, a seasoned The Villages motorcycle accident lawyer’s assistance can be irreplaceable. Establishing how another person’s negligence directly caused your crash and identifying, evaluating, and demanding restitution for all your compensable losses is challenging on your own. A dedicated personal injury attorney can be the ally you need to secure the best possible case resolution.

Proving Fault for a Motorcycle Wreck

It is not always necessary to establish someone else was to blame for causing a motorcycle crash to recover financially from an accident’s effects. If a wreck of this nature only results in minor physical injuries and property damage, pursuing compensation through personal injury protection insurance coverage may be done on a no-fault basis, no matter who was at fault for a specific incident.

If an accident results in severe injuries with permanent, disfiguring, or disabling effects, any civil lawsuit must establish through a preponderance of evidence that a defendant’s negligence directly caused the accident in question. Importantly, negligence is not always an overtly illegal act—someone who is briefly distracted and collides with a motorcyclist by accident can be held liable for damages just as much as someone who causes a wreck by speeding or running a stop sign.

It is often vital during cases like this to prove that you bear little or no fault for causing their damages through negligence. Florida Statutes §768.81 would otherwise allow a court to reduce your final damage award proportionally based on your assigned share of the total fault. A skilled motorcycle crash attorney from The Villages can explain these and other applicable rules for litigation in more detail during a private meeting.

Damages Available Through Civil Litigation

After a motorcycle collision, short-term economic losses like emergency medical bills, motorcycle repair or replacement costs, and lost work income are generally covered by the injury protection in your motorcycle insurance policy. If litigation is possible, you may also be able to recover for various past and future losses, including:

Every case is different, but a conversation with a motorcycle collision lawyer in The Villages can clarify the potential value of a particular claim.

Get in Touch with a The Villages Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycle crashes tend to cause severe injuries with long-lasting repercussions, particularly when they occur at high speeds. Anytime an accident happens because of another person’s negligence, it is worth exploring your right to pursue civil restitution for the harm you suffered.

The Villages motorcycle accident lawyers can offer advice and support tailored to your situation and once retained, work diligently to pursue a beneficial case result on your behalf. Learn more by calling our firm today.