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In addition to keeping their property in reasonably good condition, property owners have an implicit obligation to keep lawful visitors or occupants safe from external hazards that might come onto their land. In other words, if you were lawfully on someone else’s property and sustained harm because the landowner failed to provide appropriate security to prevent criminal activity, you could have grounds for a civil lawsuit against the landowner.

Irresponsible security claims are especially complex forms of personal injury litigation, and proceeding with one without first retaining our knowledgeable premises liability attorneys is rarely a good idea. If you want the best chance possible of achieving a favorable case result, working with a Tampa negligent security lawyer who delivers real results could be a crucial first step in the filing process.

Grounds for an Irresponsible Security Claim in Tampa

The basic idea of a negligent safety measures lawsuit is that a property owner was directly responsible because they did not provide reasonable security measures on their land. On a basic level, this means property owners are generally obligated to install functional gates and locks where appropriate and ensure all spaces are properly lit at night.

Discrepancies in Unique Cases

What a “reasonable” security measure is varies depending on the circumstances, especially in high-crime areas or if a crime occurred multiple times in the same spot. Expectations can also be different for certain types of buildings and businesses. For example, a 24-hour convenience store might warrant greater protection than a store that has typical nine-to-five hours. In these situations, a “reasonable” property owner might be expected to take additional security measures like installing closed-circuit cameras or hiring a guard.

Regardless of the specific measures a landowner put in place, if they fail to provide enough safety measures to address a “reasonably foreseeable” criminal act, they may bear civil liability. This liability could hold them accountable for the consequences of any injury a lawful visitor suffers as a direct result. A Tampa attorney could help determine whether an irresponsible security measures claim may be possible in a particular situation.

Filing Deadlines for Civil Litigation

A case based on careless safety measures could allow you to recover for past and future forms of physical, psychological, and financial harm you experience after being injured by a criminal act. It is important to keep in mind that most prospective plaintiffs have only four years at most after initially sustaining an injury to begin the civil litigation process. Because of this, it could be vital to contact a negligent security attorney in Tampa and start building a claim as soon as possible after an incident occurs.

Negligent safety measures claims can proceed simultaneously and completely separately from any related criminal case, and they can provide compensation that may be crucial to preserving your future wellbeing. However, achieving a positive resolution from a claim like this can be next to impossible without support from our legal professionals experienced with handling similar situations.

A capable Tampa negligent security lawyer could work tenaciously on your behalf to demand every cent of the restitution you deserve. Learn more by calling our dedicated legal team today.