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Whiplash: What is it, Symptoms, and Making You Whole Again

Car accidents happen every day and can have life-long lasting impacts on you and your body.  If you are in a car crash and are lucky enough to walk away...
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What is Florida’s Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance 14-Day Rule?

The minutes and the days that follow a car accident can be full of chaos and confusion as you figure out how to proceed next. No matter the size or damage of...
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Who’s Covered By Your Car Insurance In Case Of An Accident?

When it comes to car accidents and your car insurance, especially in Florida, it can be very complex and confusing to know who’s covered and who’s not.   Florida is one of a few states...
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The Difference Between Personal And Bodily Injury

Is personal injury the same as bodily injury?    You may also be wondering, “Do I need both bodily injury and personal injury coverage on my auto insurance policy? Do they cover the...
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What Does It Mean That Florida Is A No-fault State?

As a driver in Florida, you have no doubt heard of it being a “no-fault” state, but do you know what that means? How does it factor into an auto accident? Is anyone actually...
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Why you NEED Florida Uninsured Motorist Coverage

In the state of Florida, nearly 26% of the drivers on our roads are uninsured. This is the highest percentage of uninsured motorists in the entire country!  If you are involved...
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