News— St. Petersburg Electric Scooter Fatality


Just before 3 a.m. on Sunday, May 22nd, the driver of an electric scooter was hit by a vehicle on 34th St. N in St. Petersburg.  


The Accident  


The scooter driver was heading west in the median lane on 35th Avenue N. Across 34th Street N. in St. Petersburg when a person driving north in a car in the median lane hit the scooter.  


The car driver left the scene of the accident, and the scooter driver was pronounced dead at the scene., Pending notification of the family, the victim’s identity was not immediately available. 


St. Petersburg police believe the car was a dark-colored Toyota sedan, but no other details are immediately available.  


The investigation is ongoing.  


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E-Scooter Accidents—More Serious Than Car Accidents 


Accidents involving e-scooters can be more serious than car accidents as the lack of protection while driving an e-scooter can yield long-term and fatal injuries.  


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