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Landowners in Florida have a duty to protect visitors on their property from hazardous conditions like frayed carpeting, exposed wires, and puddles of standing water. However, they are also responsible for preventing foreseeable crime from occurring on their premises.

If a property owner or manager fails to take reasonable measures to minimize the risk of harm on their land, injured guests may be eligible to file a lawsuit against them.

Our experienced personal injury attorneys know that pursing negligent security claims can be challenging. However, having help from a diligent Riverview negligent security lawyer could ensure you get the compensation you need to recover from your injuries.

When to File a Negligent Security Claim in Riverview

Like all other personal injury cases, negligent security lawsuits are built around the legal theory of negligence. In this context, a property owner or manager is “negligent” if they knowingly fail to maintain adequate security measures on their land. Acceptable security measures are generally based on whether certain criminal offenses were “foreseeable.”

As a rule of thumb, if the area around someone’s land is known to have a high crime rate, if the same violent acts have occurred nearby, or if a particular crime has happened on the property in the past, the landowner should anticipate that similar instances might occur. With that in mind, they must implement additional security measures to reduce the risk of criminal misconduct—including lighting in public spaces, security cameras, fencing, or private security.

If a lack of security caused a criminal act that harmed you—whether inside an apartment complex, a private business, a medical facility, or any other non-public property—the property owner or manager may be liable for damages. A diligent attorney in Riverview could explain the process of filing faulty security cases in more detail during your private consultation.

What Kinds of Evidence Could Be Important?

The first and perhaps most vital step to recovering monetary damages through a negligent security claim is establishing that you legally entered the property where the incident occurred. Additionally, you must prove that you sustained physical injury from the criminal act and that the incident led to the damages you are seeking compensation for. Finally, you must demonstrate that the event in question was “foreseeable.” Examples of evidence that could help prove your claim include:

Support from a skilled lawyer can be crucial to building a comprehensive negligent security claim against a property owner in Riverview.

A Riverview Negligent Security Attorney Could Help Your Case

Property owners who fail to keep their land safe from criminal misconduct can bear civil liability for harm that visitors and tenants sustain as a result. In a scenario like this, assistance from a capable Riverview negligent security lawyer could be invaluable to protecting your rights.

Our attorneys will fight for you and ensure you get the compensation you need for the harm you suffered. Call us today to schedule a meeting and get started on your claim.