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Like any motor vehicle driver, bicyclists are entitled to reasonable space on the road. However, motorists do not always afford bikers that right. All too often in Florida, reckless drivers operating multi-ton cars and trucks cause severe physical injuries to bicycle riders. Sadly, bike accident victims have a complex path in front of them if they want to recover comprehensive compensation for their injuries.

Fortunately, assistance is available from a seasoned Riverview bicycle accident lawyer with a track record of positive results. Our personal injury attorneys know how to handle your unique situation and protect your rights so that you receive the monetary damages you deserve.

How to Hold a Driver Liable for a Bike Collision

Recovering financially for the effects of a bicycle crash can work differently depending on the severity of the accident and injuries. After comparatively “minor” collisions, bicyclists must pursue compensation through their own personal injury protection (PIP) coverage within their auto insurance policy. However, if they do not have car insurance, they can pursue payments through the negligent driver’s policy.

PIP insurance typically only covers short-term medical bills, property damage, and other out-of-pocket costs, but it is also available on a no-fault basis, meaning no one has to prove responsibility for the incident in order to receive these payments.

On the other hand, a bicyclist who sustains permanent or debilitating injuries from a wreck may file a civil lawsuit against a responsible driver. If a biker files a claim, their ability to recover compensation depends on whether they can prove negligence by the defendant driver.

In simple terms, a motor vehicle driver is negligent if they violate a duty of care by acting recklessly behind the wheel and causing a collision that results in injuries. A seasoned attorney can explain the legal concept of negligence and offer vital assistance to build a compelling case after a bike crash in Riverview.

Recovering for Damages Within Filing Deadlines

A driver responsible for a serious bike accident may be held liable to pay for all economic and non-economic damages that resulted from their actions. These damages could account for both past and future losses stemming from a collision including:

Most lawsuits of this nature are subject to a four-year filing period in accordance with Florida Statutes §95.11(3), generally beginning on the date a prospective plaintiff first discovered their injuries. With the help of a diligent cyclist injury lawyer in Riverview, a claimant could gather evidence to prove their damages in a lawsuit and demand a fair financial award for their crash-related injuries.

Consider Working with a Riverview Bicycle Accident Attorney

As environmentally friendly as they are, bikes can also be dangerous to ride around on roads and highways, especially if a motor vehicle driver acts in a reckless, careless, or malicious way. On top of that, even an injured biker who appears to have a strong civil case may have trouble making the most of their claim without support from knowledgeable legal counsel.

A dedicated Riverview bicycle accident lawyer’s guidance could make all the difference in your case result. Call today to learn more.