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Lane closures after crash on SR-64 near 26th St W

BRADENTON, FL – An early afternoon crash resulted in lane closures on SR-64 near 26th Street West on Thursday, reports FL511 Tampa Bay.

Crash in Manatee County on SR-64 / Manatee Ave East, before 26th St W. All lanes closed. Last updated at 12:56 PM. https://t.co/9NIE9PxazY

— FL511 Tampa Bay (@fl511_tampabay) September 22, 2022

The incident happened around 12:57 p.m. and closed all lanes in the vicinity of the wreck while crews worked to clear the scene. Emergency vehicles arrived on the scene around 1:03 p.m., at which point the left lane was blocked.

Emergency vehicles in Manatee County on SR-64 / Manatee Ave West, at 26th St W. Left lane blocked. Last updated at 01:03 PM. https://t.co/LUL90hJ3a9

— FL511 Tampa Bay (@fl511_tampabay) September 22, 2022

Authorities have not yet commented on how the accident occurred. Our team will update the blog if we learn more about injuries, the number of vehicles involved, or the circumstances of the crash.

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