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Lutz Truck Accident Lawyer

Because of the heavy weight and massive size of trucks, truck crashes can have devastating consequences, especially if they involve smaller vehicles. Apart from serious to life-changing injuries, they can also result in significant damage to roads, vehicles, private property, and even multiple deaths. Reach out to the Lutz truck accident lawyer at Mickey Keenan, PA, to discuss your situation if you have been hurt in a truck crash that left you injured, out of work, and drowning in medical expenses.

Our Lutz Truck Accident Lawyers Will Secure Compensation for Your Life-Altering Injuries

At Mickey Keenan, PA, we know the severe repercussions people suffer from after experiencing a truck accident because even at a slow speed, a crash involving a gigantic truck vs. a passenger vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle, or pedestrian can be tragic. Our Lutz truck accident lawyers will demand fair compensation for any injuries you’ve suffered, which can include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

How Lutz Truck Accidents Happen

Based on an FMCSA study, a staggering number of truck crashes result from driver error and negligent driving practices. Some also result from defective equipment and negligent maintenance. These dangerous practices include:

It’s well known that more and more truckers are driving while fatigued because they must meet immensely stringent delivery deadlines, leading them to also violate the FMCSA hours of service rules. In addition, the wide turn radius, long stopping distance, and large blind spots also contribute to truck crashes.

How Our Lutz Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help With Your Case

The vast majority of truck accidents involve debilitating and life-threatening injuries and thousands of dollars of property damage. Due to these exorbitant expenses, insurers are usually quick to settle an injured person’s claim for the lowest amount possible. But it’s normally a settlement offer that’s nowhere close to the compensation the injured person deserves.

Our Lutz truck accident lawyer, through comprehensive investigation, accurate calculation of all your damages, and aggressive negotiations, will ensure that your settlement will cover all your expenses.

In addition, many truck accident claims may involve multiple liable parties, which makes figuring out fault and liability for the crash much more difficult than standard car accident claims. While a truck driver may be directly responsible for causing the crash, in most cases, the driver’s employer (trucking company) may also be vicariously liable for the accident. Our Lutz truck accident lawyer can identify all the parties that can be held accountable for your damages and pursue compensation from them.

At Mickey Keenan, PA, our Lutz truck accident lawyers have the necessary experience and knowledge to handle all kinds of truck accidents and are ready to help you receive the compensation you need to heal from your injuries and move on from this ordeal. Set up a case review with our Lutz truck accident lawyer by completing our online form or calling 813-871-1300.