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All property owners must protect visitors that enter their land. This duty requires people to take reasonable care to prevent their visitors from harm whenever they invite people onto their property. Usually, this means repairing broken steps or cleaning spills. In some situations, a landowner may also be responsible for any criminal activity on their property. If a victim of a crime can demonstrate that a lack of adequate security led to an incident, the landowner may be civilly liable for their injuries.

A Lehigh Acres negligent security lawyer is ready to take the lead in obtaining evidence that the property owner did not provide adequate protection. This can include examining security footage, observing the neighborhood, and evaluating how the event has changed your life. A seasoned premises liability attorney can help you file a claim.

When can a Person File a Negligent Security Claim?

The first issue concerning filling a case that alleges negligent security is timing. A concept of law known as the statute of limitations controls how long you have to file a lawsuit in court after an injury. According to Florida Statute § 95.11, you must file all actions for personal injury in court within four years of the accident date.

If this time passes and you do not file a claim, a court will refuse to hear the case. In addition, a defendant’s insurance company knows the law and will not engage in settlement negotiations if an incident occurred more than four years ago. It is essential to start immediately to preserve their right to recover. Talking with a negligent security attorney in Lehigh Acres now allows them to get to work for you.

Preparing to File a Negligent Security Suit

It is a common misnomer that people need to go to court to collect compensation for injuries resulting from negligent security. Most valid claims end in a settlement without needing to file suit in court. Still, the settlement process can be lengthy and complex. Before you file a claim with an insurance company, you could work with a legal representative to investigate an incident. This can include:

By gathering all the relevant information before filing a claim, you are better prepared to combat the insurance company’s likely denial of payment.

A negligent security lawyer in Lehigh Acres wants to obtain maximum compensation for you with minimal stress. They work to negotiate a settlement once they gather evidence concerning an incident and the liability of a landowner is clear. Lawyers work to guide you through the process of completing written statements, attending in-person meetings, and composing demand letters to collect compensation in or out of court.

Speak with a Lehigh Acres Negligent Security Attorney Today

All landowners have an obligation to protect invited visitors onto their land. This includes providing adequate security to prevent criminal activity. If a landowner does not take reasonable care to prevent crime and you suffer an injury, you can demand compensation for your losses.

A Lehigh Acres negligent security lawyer is ready to pursue your case. A case can end with a settlement that collects compensation for physical injuries, lost wages, and mental suffering. Still, if you need to go to court to secure reimbursement, a Lehigh Acres negligent security lawyer can stand by your side. Contact our firm today to schedule your consultation.