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Auto accidents cause more injuries annually in Florida than any other type of accident. Injuries from car crashes are often severe enough to have life-altering consequences. Unfortunately, even if you know that someone else involved in your wreck is at fault, holding them accountable and recovering the compensation you deserve for your losses may be more complicated than you expect.

Assistance from a personal injury attorney experienced with handling cases similar to yours in the past could be vital to protecting your best interests and enforcing your rights following a serious auto collision. Whether your crash happened on a quiet residential street, on a crowded highway, or any place in between, a dedicated Lehigh Acres car accident lawyer is here to help.

No-Fault Car Crash Claims in Lehigh Acres

Unlike many other states, Florida adheres to a no-fault system for an auto accident victim’s right to file suit against another involved party after a crash. Rather than allowing collision victims to choose whether they want to start with insurance negotiations, a lawsuit, or private settlement negotiations, state law requires people involved in auto crashes to seek compensation through their injury protection coverage included in their car insurance. This policy should cover medical expenses, vehicle damages, and other out-of-pocket losses, like missed work wages, regardless of who bears fault for a collision.

However, if someone wants to recover for losses not covered by their insurance, they can only do so if they suffer a serious injury. This means an individual suffered harm resulting in permanent disability and disfigurement. Additionally, if someone does suffer a serious injury, their share of the blame for a crash may be held against them as a deduction from their final damage award, per Florida Statutes §768.81.

For example, if someone T-boned in an intersection is found 25 percent to blame for the collision because they were not paying attention to oncoming traffic, they could only recover 75 percent of their total damages at most through a successful claim. Assistance from an attorney in Leigh Acres could be vital to understanding and overcoming procedural obstacles like these following a traumatic auto crash.

Deadlines for Lawsuits over Auto Wrecks

Another legal pitfall is the statute of limitations, which applies to car crash litigation similar to other injury claims in Florida. Under Fla. Stat. §95.11(3), most people have a maximum of four years after sustaining injury due to someone else’s negligence to file any lawsuit they intend to pursue against that person.

This might seem like a lot of time, but four years can quickly pass while collecting evidence, paying unexpected bills, and dealing with the various ways a severe auto accident could disrupt a person’s life. Contacting a skilled lawyer sooner rather than later after a Lehigh Acres car collision is almost always the optimal strategy.

Get in Touch with a Lehigh Acres Car Accident Attorney

No matter how it happens or how many people are involved, auto crashes are frightening and could be challenging to move on from proactively. Things could get more complicated if you want to pursue civil litigation against the person who caused your life-changing harm by driving recklessly.

Help from a capable Lehigh Acres car accident lawyer could make a huge difference in your ability to resolve your claim positively. Call today for an initial private meeting about your options.