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Suffering a personal injury raises many questions about your present and future. After a physical injury, it is important to seek out the appropriate medical care to alleviate your pain and improve the chances of making a full recovery. At the same time, you will need to understand your legal rights to protect your financial prospects and pursue compensation.

A Leesburg personal injury lawyer is ready to represent your legal interests following an incident caused by someone else. An experienced attorney could gather evidence concerning the incident, determine how the event has changed your life, and demand that at-fault parties and insurance companies provide the payments you need to set things right.

The time immediately following a personal injury is critical for protecting your legal rights. Defendants and their insurance companies will likely be proactive in building a case against you. Although you may be focused on getting your life back in order, it is also important to act to preserve your right to pursue compensation.

A dedicated Leesburg attorney could handle your personal injury case while you focus on recovering. Legal counsel could take the lead in obtaining necessary evidence and fighting back against common insurance company tactics. An attorney could also investigate how the event occurred and use this information to build an effective case on your behalf. against defendants.

Common Types of Injury Claims in Leesburg

Under the law, negligent people and companies that cause injuries to others have an obligation to provide fair compensation. This applies regardless of whether an injury was the product of an accident or criminal activity. A local personal injury lawyer is ready to pursue cases under both scenarios.

Accidents Resulting from Negligence

Most injuries are the result of accidents. These include traffic collisions, slips and falls, defective product incidents, and even medical malpractice. A seasoned attorney works to show that another’s negligence was the sole reason for the incident and that these actors are responsible for all resulting damage.

Criminal Acts

Other cases have their basis in criminal activity. Here, a separate civil lawsuit could collect compensation that a criminal court can never order. A criminal conviction is always proof of a defendant’s liability for personal injuries.

Regardless of whether an injury was the product of an accident or violence, there is a time limit to pursue a case. For most people, Florida Statute § 95.11 sets this time limit at four years from the date of injury. Contacting an injury attorney immediately gives you the best chance of a successful case result.

Let a Leesburg Personal Injury Attorney Take the Lead

People who cause personal injuries through their negligence or acts of violence must provide compensation to their victims. This includes payments for medical bills, emotional traumas, lost quality of life, and missing income. Still, collecting this compensation requires you to prove fault for an incident. This can be a difficult process, especially when these cases involve insurance companies.

A Leesburg personal injury lawyer is ready to represent your interests following an injury. The hardworking attorneys at our firm are prepared to prove fault for an incident, demonstrate how the incident has changed your life, and defend your case against any allegations of shared blame. Reach out to us now to make an appointment.