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In addition to ensuring their property is free of unreasonably dangerous conditions, landowners in Florida are responsible for minimizing the risk of visitors and tenants falling victim to criminal activity. If a property owner fails to take precautionary measures and a visitor is harmed by a criminal act, the injured party may have grounds to file suit under premises liability law.

Negligent security claims are a unique subset of personal injury litigation that can be tricky to pursue without a seasoned premises liability attorney’s guidance. By enlisting the help of a Largo negligent security lawyer, you could give yourself a fair opportunity to obtain the compensation you deserve. Contact us today to learn more.

When Is a Negligent Security Claim Possible?

Part of what makes negligent security lawsuits incredibly complex is how subjective “negligence” can be in terms of what constitutes adequate security. In some situations, a landowner may fulfill their reasonable obligations by ensuring private areas are securely locked and public areas are well-lit. Other circumstances may call for installing security features like alarms and cameras, or even hiring private security guards.

The crux of most successful negligent security claims is establishing that a property owner failed to employ enough security to address a “foreseeable” crime. If this is the case, they have breached their duty to lawful visitors and tenants in a way that directly allowed them to be physically injured. Evidence that may indicate a particular crime was foreseeable could include reports of similar crimes happening in the area or a history of similar crimes on the property itself, as a Largo negligent security attorney could explain.

Recovering Compensation Within Filing Deadlines

If you can show that a property owner’s failure to provide adequate security on their land directly led to injuries from a third person’s criminal act, you could pursue civil restitution from the negligent landowner. Both economic and non-economic types of harm could be factored into this sort of claim, including:

Notably, though, Florida Statutes §95.11(3) establishes a four-year filing period for personal injury claims, which generally begins on the date an injury initially occurred. Failing to file within this timeframe could leave an injured person unable to recover any compensation at all, so it is crucial to get in touch with our Largo attorneys right away to get the ball rolling on your negligent security case.

Contact a Largo Negligent Security Attorney Today

Failure by landowners to provide reasonably secure premises can lead to severe injuries caused by criminal acts. Unfortunately, pursuing financial recovery for the effects of such incidents can be complex, especially for those without legal help.

A Largo negligent security lawyer could be key in maximizing the compensation available to you. Call our firm today to learn more.