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Traveling on foot anywhere in the Largo area comes with risks. Even people who never leave a sidewalk or who walk near their homes are vulnerable to drivers who lose control over their vehicles. This can result in collisions that cause severe physical injuries, devastate your quality of life, and affect your ability to earn a living.

The law never presumes fault for a pedestrian accident. In fact, a defendant driver and their insurance company may allege that you did not do all that you could to protect yourself or that your actions made a collision unavoidable. A Largo pedestrian accident lawyer fights back against these allegations. Our dedicated personal injury attorneys could help prove that a driver was entirely to blame for a collision , and show how it changed your life and demand fair compensation.

Determining Fault Following a Pedestrian Collision

People on foot fall under a special area of the law that governs travelers in Largo. Unlike the drivers of cars, motorcycles, and bicycles, pedestrians have no duty to care for the well-being of other travelers. At a glance, this may seem to imply that someone on foot cannot be at fault for a collision involving a motor vehicle. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Though drivers are unlikely to sustain injuries from such accidents, the law says that pedestrians may still be to blame for them. Florida Statute § 768.81 says that courts must evaluate the actions of all people involved in accidents and assign blame. In pedestrian accident cases, a defendant driver may allege that you did not use a crosswalk, moved into an intersection against the light, or emerged into a parking lot from between stationary cars. This attempt to deflect the blame could result in a court awarding only partial compensation.

A Largo pedestrian accident attorney works to show that a driver was entirely to blame for an accident. This includes gathering evidence including police reports, dashcam footage, and witness statements that leave no doubt concerning a driver’s fault for a crash.

Seeking Fair Compensation on Behalf of Injured Walkers

Drivers on Largo’s roads have an obligation to protect all other people that they may encounter while behind the wheel. This even extends to people on foot regardless of whether they are in the roadway, on a sidewalk, or in a parking lot. This means that if a driver is liable for an accident, they have a responsibility to provide fair compensation to any injured party.

A Largo pedestrian crash lawyer’s aim is to collect these payments on your behalf. This includes taking proper steps to measure how the event has changed your life and demanding fair compensation for those losses.

This includes accounting for physical injuries, such as concussions, severe cuts, broken bones, and separated joints, but also emotional traumas, lost time with family and friends, and missing income from time lost at work. Reaching out to a pedestrian accident lawyer in Largo today allows them to pursue your case for all needed compensation.

Reach Out to a Largo Pedestrian Attorney Today

Accidents that affect people traveling on foot tend to result in severe losses. You have no protection from the impact of a motor vehicle, and even contact at a relatively low speed can push you to the ground or force you up over the top of a car. This can result in catastrophic injuries, intense emotional traumas, and significant financial losses.

A Largo pedestrian crash lawyer is here to protect your legal rights after these accidents. Our attorneys deliver results, and they can work to show that a driver was entirely to blame, determine how that incident has affected your life, and demand fair compensation in and out of court.Give us a call now to set up an appointment to discuss your case.