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When you take medicine, especially those over the counter, you have a reasonable expectation that they are safe to use. Unfortunately, some drugs may cause more harm than good, inflicting severe, life-altering harm to those who use them. If this is the case, you may be entitled to financial compensation from the dangerous drug manufacturers, especially if these problems are not listed as possible side effects.

If taking a supposedly safe medication led to your physical harm, you should consider speaking to a Largo dangerous drugs lawyer about the possibility of civil litigation. Drug makers must put their products through rigorous testing to ensure they will not cause harm if used as directed. Any failure by one of these companies to do so may constitute grounds for a lawsuit or settlement demand, which one of our seasoned personal injury attorneys could help you pursue.

How Do Dangerous Drugs Reach the Market?

While the Food and Drug Administration nominally enforces strict regulations for the approval of new pharmaceutical products, there are many ways companies can either avoid the approval process entirely or get a product with serious flaws approved. To name just one common example, the 510(k) Premarket Notification process allows manufacturers to go through a vastly expedited approval process if they can convince the FDA that their new product is “substantially equivalent” to something similar already on the market.

In addition to the hazards of a particular medication being overlooked during a subpar approval process, such dangers may also be hidden intentionally by the manufacturer. There are countless examples of major pharmaceutical corporations knowingly underplaying certain side effects associated with their products, deliberately omitting certain side effects from product labeling, or even outright lying about the impact a product may have on certain patients.

Importantly, though, conscious misconduct by a drug maker and inadvertent neglect by that manufacturer or a regulatory body are both equally valid grounds for a civil claim. A knowledgeable Largo defective medication attorney could go into further detail about these types of cases and what circumstances may or may not justify litigation.

The Value of a Typical Defective Drug Claim

As with other personal injury claims, the financial value of a dangerous drug case is primarily determined by the specific losses—both short-term and long-term—that you sustain from your injuries. While both situations could warrant financial recovery, if you contract a lifelong medical condition because of a dangerous drug, you could demand more compensation than someone merely hospitalized for a few days.

The same logic also applies to non-economic forms of harm like physical pain, psychological distress, and the overall loss of enjoyment of life. Guidance from a seasoned attorney could be vital to understanding what damages might be available in a Largo dangerous drug claim.

Seek Help from a Largo Dangerous Drugs Attorney

Holding a massive corporation liable for your ensuing damages is never a simple process. Even if you have conclusive evidence that a drug is dangerous and caused your harm, support from seasoned legal counsel may be essential to achieving a favorable case result in these circumstances.

A dedicated Largo dangerous drugs lawyer could help you pursue the restitution you deserve for your avoidable suffering. Call our firm today to schedule a meeting.