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Can I Sue The Auto Shop For Negligence?

We rely on auto repair shops to ensure that our cars are in good working condition. Most mechanics perform great work, follow the laws, and keep our cars in tip-top shape. On the other hand, some mechanics make car problems even worse instead of fixing them. If negligent maintenance or repairs cause an accident, you must be prepared for an uphill battle because holding an auto repair shop or a mechanic legally responsible for an accident is challenging.

What is Considered Negligent Maintenance or Repair?

Mechanics are responsible for making cars safer by conducting regular maintenance and repairing issues as needed. However, like other professionals, they can make deliberate, careless, or unintentional errors. When a mechanic’s work causes or contributes to a car accident, the mechanic and auto shop can be held liable for the accident-associated losses. Here are some common types of negligent maintenance or repair:

It’s crucial to note that most mechanics are honest, dependable, and hard-working people. However, there are some auto shops and mechanics that try to make more money and take advantage of people by using substandard components for repairs, replacing working components with faulty components, and conducting unnecessary repairs. If the auto shop is found guilty of these shady and dangerous practices, it may lose its license to operate and face criminal or civil consequences.

Suing a Negligent Auto Shop

Faulty repairs can lead to more than a defective car. A malfunctioning car is not safe and may cause an accident with tragic repercussions. Mechanics and auto shops owe their customers a legal obligation to complete repairs properly. This means that if their subpar work on your car causes a crash, you have the right to sue them and the auto shop that employs them for negligence.

For instance, let’s say you’re having issues with your tires, so you go to the auto shop to have them inspected. The mechanic tells you that you need new tires, and you agree to have your old tires replaced. But the mechanic installs the wrong tires or substandard tires or doesn’t install the tires properly.

Because of this, the tires fail, and you get into an accident when you get injured. In this scenario, you can file a claim against the mechanic and auto shop to pursue financial compensation for your vehicle damage, medical expenses, lost income, and emotional distress.

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