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When Are Drunk Drivers Most Common?

Drunk driving is a substantial problem. While there is generally no pause in DUI accidents, there are certain times of the year when there are more intoxicated drivers on the road than at other times.

If you are looking to avoid times when drunk drivers are most commonly on the road, then it is important to look at previous statistics from past years. Here we look at why drivers are more prone to be drinking at certain times of the year than others and how to protect yourself while sharing the road.

What’s the Worst Day of the Week?

The U.S. Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has analyzed all the drunk driving incidents and fatalities and has come up with the most dangerous days, weeks, and even holidays for drunk driving.

When it comes to the deadliest days of the week for drunk driving accidents, you probably can guess which day is the highest. Yes- Saturday. Sunday is close behind because most accidents that occur on Sunday happen not long after midnight from Saturday night drinking.

Tuesday is statistically the best day for driving, with the least amount of drunk driving accidents. After Tuesdays, Wednesday is not far behind, and then Monday. Friday, the end of the weekday, brings a drastic jump in drunk driving, and then you have Saturday and Sunday with the highest.

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Drunk Driving Season

Statistics have shown that in 2021 the most dangerous season for drunk driving is the summertime with 28.52% of DUI fatalities occurring in these summer months. Just behind summer, is the springtime, the fall, and finally the winter.

The most common drunk driving statistics correlate to major holidays. The five highest holidays for drunk driving accidents and fatalities are:

  1. New Year’s Day > 129% higher risk than average
  2. Independence Day > 100% higher risk than average. This is also the deadliest week of the year.
  3. Thanksgiving Day > 77% higher risk than average
  4. Labor Day > 61% higher risk than average
  5. Memorial Day > 54% higher risk than average. This is also the 2nd deadliest weekend of the year.

Generally speaking, these holidays are all big days of celebration, whether people are out drinking and celebrating or stay in and drinking with family—such as Thanksgiving—and then get behind the wheel, these are holidays you should take extra caution with on the road.

Ways to Stay Safe on the Road

While there is not a 100% fool-proof way to stay safe while driving, there are a lot of strategies you can employ to stay safe on the road. We all know you cannot only drive on Tuesdays, but there are some ways you can be proactive, so you do not end up in a drunk driving accident, as the at-fault driver or as the victim.

Have You Been Injured by a Drunk Driver?

You can do everything right when it comes to avoiding a drunk driving accident, but they are never completely unavoidable unless everyone stops drinking and driving. But you can be diligent, cautious, and proactive when it comes to protecting yourself and others.

If you have been involved in an accident, as either the victim or the driver that was intoxicated, our lawyers at Mickey Keenan, P.A. can help your case. Call us today for a free review. Here, your family is our family – and we’ll fight for you like it.