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Settling Semi-Truck Accidents

Large commercial trucks and tractor-trailers dominate Florida roads. They are everywhere and even for the most cautious of drivers, it is not uncommon to be a victim of an accident involving one of these trucks. Sadly, Florida ranks as the 3rd highest state for semi-truck accidents.

An accident involving a semi-truck is serious and maybe life–altering for anyone involved. As with any car accident, you may be wondering what to do next. Our auto injury attorney explains how you should proceed following a collision with a semi-truck.

Semi-truck Accident Liability

Who is liable following an accident? This is the million-dollar question for many people. If the accident were no fault of your own, then wouldn’t the driver be held liable?

Unfortunately, accidents involving semi-trucks can be very complex, which is why you will need to consult with an injury attorney who is knowledgeable and determined to make sure you and your family are financially compensated to fully cover your injuries and care.

Unlike a typical auto accident, accidents that involve semi-trucks have more than one possible negligent and responsible party. These parties can include:

Following an accident, claims can be made against multiple parties, which is why you simply cannot attempt to fight for your compensation without a personal injury lawyer like Mickey Keenan, PA.

Semi-truck Settlements

No two accidents are alike and compensation varies based on the severity of the accident. We’re experienced with semi-truck accidents. Our lawyers know that many factors play into these cases in Florida.

For example, was the driver found to be 100% at fault? Even if you did not cause the accident, Florida is a no-fault state, and fault can be found and determined in percentages. A jury might determine that the accident the semi-truck driver was on was only 70% at fault and now their insurance pays only 70% of the damages.

The insurance companies are not on your side. Large commercial trucks have to carry higher insurance premiums, generally upwards to a million dollars, and insurance companies will fight to keep from paying settlements for injuries.

Due to the nature of the accident involving such a large vehicle, it’s expected injuries to both personal and property will be significantly greater, which often leads to greater damages than seen in a regular auto accident. A well-versed lawyer will work with you and your case to fight against the insurance companies to get you what you deserve.

What May Impact My Accident Settlement?

There may be extenuating circumstances and factors that can impact the overall settlement of your accident. The settlement value of your case includes numerous factors, such as:

After seeking medical attention, remember to document every part of your case, from the accident scene to x-rays and information from your doctor. Any documentation you can provide will only add value to your case.

We recommend taking photographs and video clips of the accident scene, that you keep all your medical bills and documents at hand, and if necessary, and in case that your injuries prevent you from working you may need additional documentation from your employer. The more information you can present to your personal injury lawyer, the more can be used to present to the court in an effort to increase your settlement. Keep in mind, following an accident the goal is to make you whole again and pay for your injuries, pain and suffering, and ongoing medical care. Your auto accident isn’t a windfall for paying down your student loan debt or to get a major car upgrade. During your case review, we’ll review the specifics of your accident and the damages that you may be entitled to receive.

Hire an Experienced Injury Lawyer

An accident involving a semi-truck is scary. You focus on healing and our accident attorneys can take care of the complexities of your case. The personal injury lawyers at Mickey Keenan, PA are experienced in dealing with cases involving multiple parties, proving cause and fault, and handling insurance companies.

If you have been a victim of a semi-truck accident, please contact us immediately. We offer complimentary consultations are available to speak with you online or on the phone (813-871-1300). We also have a convenient app to help you right after the accident has occurred. You can trust our attorneys will work diligently on your case and will fight on your behalf so you can recover and heal.