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Five Strategies to Help You Recover from an Injury

Injuries are never the easiest to recover from. Most of the time they happen at the worst possible time and it’s hard to work around your busy schedule to do what you need to do to recover. This is especially true when the accident or injury occurred through no fault of your own.

It is important to know how you can help in the recovery process and to start making yourself whole again. Our attorneys at Mickey Keenan, P.A. have put together five strategies to follow that will help you recover from an injury.

1. See a Doctor

One of the most important things you can do for your health—and your legal claim—is to visit a doctor immediately after an injury or accident. When people are injured and it is mild, they most often do not want to waste their time going to the doctor, but to receive compensation from your personal injury claim you will need to see a doctor right away.

Injuries, particularly joint pain and whiplash, tend to exacerbate over time. If you wait to be seen, in some cases it will then be too late to prove the injuries sustained were related to the accident. Additionally, a doctor will be able to do a more thorough exam and can access the damage more accurately, and recommend appropriate or further treatment.

2. Follow the Doctor’s Advice

While it is easier said than done sometimes, make sure you follow through on the doctor’s advice from your appointment—after all isn’t that why you went to the doctor in the first place?

Whether the doctor prescribes medication, gives referrals to other specialty doctors, recommends scans, etc., it is important to follow through on these. Your injuries will only worsen and cause more pain if you do not follow the advice of your doctor.

3. Eat Right

You are what you eat, and we should always be eating right. When your body is injured, you need to make sure it has the proper nutrition so you can optimize your body’s healing.

Depending on the type of injury you have, there are many wonderful foods that help the body recover naturally. Foods that are high in protein, such as beef, chicken, and seafood help the body heal fast and reduce the risk of losing a significant amount of muscle mass when you are hurt. Foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon and walnuts, help reduce inflammation. And finally, foods rich in vitamin C and A help boost your immune system. Look at incorporating citrus fruits, spinach, and potatoes into your diet for these vitamins.

4. Listen to Your Body

You should always listen to your body, but this is especially important after an injury. Your body is telling you how it feels if you take the time to listen to it.

Reducing stress is important, as stress can slow down your body’s ability to recover and heal. Do not push yourself to exercise or do activities if you are tired or hurting. The more you push your body when it is injured, the greater chances you have of re-injuring your body or preventing proper recovery. Look into relaxation techniques, such as mediation and yoga.

5. Speak with a Personal Injury Lawyer

Recovering from an injury takes on many different facets. It can be a financial strain, time strain, job strain, or all three. These strains can add up and add stress to your body—which we know does not help in recovery.

A personal injury lawyer, such as one at Mickey Keenan, P.A., will help assess your claims, explain your rights, and hold the negligent party accountable throughout your claim. By filing a personal injury claim, you can receive compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, as well as pain and suffering.

Let Mickey Keenan, P.A. Help You Recover

Healing from an injury takes time and money, both of which may not be easy to come by. At Mickey Keenan, P.A. we understand personal injuries and want to make sure you have the time and money to recover without having to worry about your claim. If you are ready for us to review your case for free and handle your claim so you can focus on your recovery, call us today.